MW3 production

MW3 production may have been rushed, reports claim

By Olivia Richman


Nov 10, 2023

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Modern Warfare 3 development may have had a lot of issues, according to inside sources.

Apparently, Modern Warfare 3 was initially supposed to be set in the Advanced Warfare world, but development ended up going in a different direction, causing a rushed production of MW3.

In October of 2022, Call of Duty leaker RalphsValve claimed that Sledgehammer Games was focused on developing Advanced Warfare 2 after the failure of Vanguard. But CharlieIntel responded that there’s “no Advanced Warfare 2 currently in development […] despite the rumors.”

Now, reports are showing that Advanced Warfare did indeed almost happen, but things went quite differently in the end.

Modern Warfare 3 development may have been rushed

Modern Warfare 3 beta

According to Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, Sledgehammer Games originally pitched a new Call of Duty title set in the Advanced Warfare universe, but the project was cut short when the team was told to work on a Modern Warfare-based game instead.

The “shortened development cycle” caught the developers off-guard, and many expressed frustration at having to run their content by Infinity Ward executives. They were often left waiting for feedback, according to the reports, and were often directed to make “unwanted changes.”

All of this chaos and frustration may be the reason that Modern Warfare 3 isn’t getting rave reviews. The campaign was launched first, and critics, streamers, and players all expressed that it was dull and uninspired.

The full game is coming soon, and that’s when we will find out if multiplayer has redeemed Modern Warfare 3. Or if Call of Duty fans will be thinking about what could have been after learning another Advanced Warfare game almost made the cut.


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