MrBeast burger lawsuit

MrBeast suing MrBeast Burger for delivering “inedible” food

By Olivia Richman


Aug 2, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is using the company in charge of his fast food brand, MrBeast Burger.

MrBeast Burger is one of the YouTuber’s many side projects outside of creating massive videos for his millions of fans. While he recently launched one physical location, the brand is largely meant to be delivered through delivery apps.

Recently, MrBeast sued the company he’s partnered with, Virtual Dining Concepts, over the quality of the food that’s been delivered to fans out of “ghost kitchens.” These are storefronts that are only meant to cook and package food that is then delivered. Sometimes ghost kitchens are even in other existing restaurants.

MrBeast vs MrBeast Burger lawsuit explained

In the lawsuit, MrBeast claimed that Virtual Dining Concepts let the food quality deteriorate in favor of focusing on expansion. He alleged that the gross fast food was hurting his reputation.

The lawsuit even included reviews from fans, who called the food “revolting” and claimed it was the “worst burger” they had ever eaten. This is a huge downfall from where MrBeast Burger was a few years ago. While it was always considered mid-fast food, it was seen as overall inoffensive and comparable to other cheap burgers.

As the complaints have continued to pile up, MrBeast accused Virtual Dining Concepts of not caring about the quality of the food. The lawsuit states that they deliver “low-quality products” to customers, describing them as being delivered late and failing to include ordered items. Other times, the lawsuit continued, the food was “inedible.” MrBeast had brought this up with Virtual Dining Concepts in the past, but the concerns were allegedly ignored.

Virtual Dining Concepts has come back to claim that the lawsuit is full of “false statements and inaccuracies,” according to The Verge.

For now, MrBeast Burger is still available on most delivery apps, and you’re free to risk it all to see what it’s all about. But a big amount of popular content creators have already tried the burgers for themselves if you don’t want to have a raw burger delivered to your home.

Having large personalities bashing his business is most likely a big part of the reason MrBeast has continued to fight Virtual Dating Concepts. A lot of YouTube videos, like the one above, were included in the lawsuit.