MrBeast copycat

MrBeast complains about unoriginal MrBeast clones

By Olivia Richman


Jun 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Famous and philanthropic YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is worth over $100 million thanks to his over-the-top videos and charitable efforts. After becoming such a success, MrBeast also started spreading his content creator knowledge to fellow YouTubers, but he’s now regretting it.

On Twitter earlier today, MrBeast admitted that he regrets sharing “everything I know about YouTube” on podcasts. Why? He said that he thought people would “use the knowledge to be innovative,” but he instead inspired copycats.

“Tons just copy exactly what I do and don’t change anything. Kind of sad how many ‘MrBeast Clones’ there are,” MrBeast tweeted.

Why is MrBeast upset with copycats?

MrBeast has expressed frustration on Twitter over the amount of YouTubers that are copying his exact style and formula. He’s most definitely not wrong that there are a lot of content creators that have started emulating everything he does, from the crazy challenges to the loud and bubbly voice to the charity efforts.

When he expressed this on Twitter, some questioned what he truly meant by “stealing” his style. MrBeast explained that it’s okay to take inspiration from him — “nothing is 100% original” — but he hoped people would have their own style, personality, and take on it.

MrBeast isn’t the only one to notice the amount of “clones” popping up. It’s not as if YouTubers are just doing their own challenges for charity. These copycats are going as far as copying skits scene for scene and emulating his banners and thumbnails. It’s more like ripping him off than using a similar formula with their own twists.

A lot of these MrBeast copycats have been called out in the past, with many YouTube drama channels discussing the shameless stealing. But it doesn’t seem like they have plans to stop any time soon, especially when the copying has led to millions of subscribers.