MrBeast charity TeamTrees reaches 20 million trees planted

By Olivia Richman


Oct 25, 2022

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YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has reached another milestone with his reforestation charity TeamTrees.

MrBeast’s TeamTrees fundraiser recently reached its goal of planting 20 million trees around the world. TeamTrees has been popular over the past few years with influencers and celebrities like Elon Musk donating to the cause. Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke is currently the biggest donator to TeamTrees.

TeamTrees reached $20 million raised in 2019.

After three years of collecting donations, TeamTrees has reached MrBeast’s long-term goal. He announced the news excitedly on Twitter.

Where are the trees planted in TeamTrees?

TeamTrees has planted trees all over the world. Some of the locations with the most trees are as follows:

  • Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi: 1 million trees
  • Haiti: 1.05 million trees
  • Michigan: 2.2 million trees
  • South Carolina: 1.35 million trees
  • Alabama, Florida, Georgia: 1 million trees
  • The Great Green Wall (Chad): 3.84 million trees
  • Mozambique: 1.25 million trees
  • Nepal: 885,000 trees

The TeamTree website equates a $1 dollar donation with one tree planted, so

Who donated to TeamTrees?

With MrBeast behind it, TeamTrees has had no issue getting attention for the cause.

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke is the biggest donator at 1,000,001 trees in the name of the Dr. Seuss character The Lorax. Lutke donated these trees in 2019 only a day after Elon Musk, who gave 1 million trees dedicated to the Lord of the Rings character Treebeard.

The third-highest donation was Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and philanthropist. He donated 900,000 trees to the cause.

Plants vs. Zombies gave 500K trees to TeamTrees “in the spirit of Feastivus.”

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MrBeast isn’t done yet despite the massive amount of work TeamTrees has already done. While he’s now reached 20 million trees, the site now lists 25 million trees as its new goal. The live counter already lists 24 millions trees following a massive donation surge triggered by reaching the first milestone.


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