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Most viewed streams of 2021: Streamers, esports teams, & games

By Olivia Richman


Jul 28, 2022

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We now know the most-viewed streams of 2021, including popular streamers, big esports teams, and the biggest video games of the year in streaming.

A press release from SteamHatchet has given insight into streaming’s top performing streamers and games of 2021. Here are some of the most interesting statistics from the report.

Most popular esports teams

  • T1
  • FaZe Clan

TSM FTX dominated with 56.8 million hours watched across all team members and organizations in Q2, including Valorant superstar Yassine “Subroza” Taofik. T1 had 49.4 million hours watched between esports matches and individual content creators, while FaZe Clan had 45.7 million hours. G2 Esports had the most hours watched for competitive matches, but it wasn’t enough to put G2 in the top three.

Most popular content creators

  • Felix “xQc” Lengyel
  • Alexandre “Guales” Borba
  • Asmongold

It’s no surprise to see xQc at the top of the streaming charts. xQc had 70.6 million hours watched across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming in Q2. Guales, a Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer, had 57.7 million hours watched, while Asmongold followed with 40.1 million.

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The rise of VTubers

When it comes to the top female streamers of 2021, SteamHatchet noticed a good amount of VTubers. Sakura Miko, Usada Pekora, and Ironmouse were all in the top 10. Ironmouse became huge earlier this year after doing a 31-day subathon but had been blowing up even before then thanks to her quirky personality, adorable avatar, and dark humor. VTubers in general have continued to be on the rise.

Most popular streaming game

In 2021, GTA V was the most popular streaming game on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming combined. GTA V had 465 million hours watched. It was followed closely by League of Legends at 464 million, and then Valorant at 354 million, marking a great success for LoL and Valorant developer Riot Games.

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GTA V was huge in 2021 thanks primarily to its RP servers, especially the streamer-focused No Pixel RP server. Big names like xQc were constantly streaming their antics on the No Pixel server, with xQc even getting banned for violating the server’s rules too many times.

The most popular recent game launch was The Quarry, which hit a peak of 1.8K channels streaming the game on its launch day. Since then, it has amassed over 14.3 million hours in viewing time across all streaming platforms.


The full report can be found on Stream Hatchet’s website.


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