xQc announces return to NoPixel with creation of new server

By Olivia Richman


Jun 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After being permanently banned from the large and popular RP NoPixel Grand Theft Auto server, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been playing Valorant and other games to entertain his fans on stream. But it seems as though NoPixel has never quite left his mind. Now, xQc has announced the creation of a new NoPixel server. 

In a recent stream, xQc discussed the NoPixel sister server. It will have more incentive for anyone roleplaying a criminal, with lower fines and higher crime payouts. 

This new server sounds especially made for players like xQc. During his time playing in NoPixel, xQc was consistently running afoul of the police due to his constant criminal activities. While breaking the law doesn’t get players banned from the server, xQc was often in IRL trouble due to his behavior following the robberies and mischief. 

xQc to join new NoPixel server after being banned

xQc was often toxic to the streamers who roleplayed as police officers, even encouraging his fans to “chat hop” and harass those streamers after his arrests. xQc was banned permanently from the server after refusing to follow the roleplaying system in NoPixel, which included going through the courts and acting appropriately during the trial. 

Even though some fans were upset to see xQc leave NoPixel, it was undeniable that xQc deserved punishment. A lot of people even felt he should have been banned  sooner than he was. xQc himself didn’t deny his wrongdoings after the permaban. 

“I still want to apologize for those who got collateral. I hope you know it wasn’t malice and I love and respect all RPers,” xQc tweeted. 

Now, xQc will be returning to roleplaying on a different server that’s more catered to xQc’s playstyle. A lot of fans have applauded his pending return, although many have tweeted that they will “miss the variety” of xQc playing other games outside of Grand Theft Auto. The free server will be up in the next few days according to xQc, and players can pay to have entry priority into the server. 


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