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MoistCr1TiKaL goes off on Sneako, gives him a gun lecture

By Olivia Richman


Mar 15, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The beef between Charlie “MoistCr1TiKaL” White and Nicolas “Sneako” Kenn De Balinthaz has continued, creating another viral moment.

MoistCr1TiKaL recently made a YouTube video called “Sneako Is Terrible” in response to ongoing harassment from Sneako, a controversial content creator known for his sexist rhetoric. In the video, Moist explained that he made a video criticizing Sneako’s behavior three months ago after he insulted Moist’s girlfriend. But for the past three months, Sneako has continued to rant about Moist on various podcasts and streams.

“I failed to calculate how much of a sensitive f—ing loser you are,” Moist said. “This hurt your feelings to such a high degree it has become an Armageddon in your brain. Three months you’ve continued to melt down about this.”

Three months ago, Sneako reacted to Moist’s original YouTube video by telling his fans to go harass Moist during a livestream. Moist joked at the time that Sneako’s fans were taking a break from watching Cuties, a controversial Netflix movie that has been accused of exploiting minors. This joke stemmed from Sneako sticking up for the film a while back.

When Sneako caught wind of what MoistCriTiKaL had said to his fans, he reacted by pulling out a weapon.

“It got really under his skin in a big way so he started dancing around with a gun and threatening to come shoot me,” Moist recalled.

In the viral moment, Sneako held up two pistol magazines and said, “Oh, you want me to watch my clips? Well, watch my clips.”

Now, Moist has decided to lecture Sneako about guns, creating another viral moment.

Moist goes off on Sneako in recent YouTube video

MoistCriTiKaL has clearly been seething about Sneako’s meltdown for a few months now. In response to rewatching the moment where Sneako tells Moist to “watch his clips” while holding up a gun magazine, Moist decided to give him a lesson.

“I’m sorry to be that guy. This is like the grammar police of guns, but he’s a f—ing imbecilic,” Moist ranted. “You absolute buffoon. What you had there is not clips. These are mags. They are mags, not clips, you absolute f—ing dummy.”

But Moist wasn’t done there.

Moist then pulled out an even larger rifle, leaving fans comparing him to John Wick due to his appearance and collection of guns.

“Stop saying clips. You look f—ing stupid here,” Moist said.

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He then apologized to viewers for going on a rant about weapons. But Moist’s fanbase was actually hyped over the moment, surprised to see Moist so heated while holding a weapon. While he went on to discuss other issues he has with Sneako and his fanbase, this was clearly the standout moment of the video for the streaming community.

Said one fan, “He educated him on guns and called this man a whole ‘goober.’ Charlie is one of my heroes, period.”