MoistCr1tiKaL calls out Creator Clash 2.0 for dropping Froggy Fresh

By Olivia Richman


Mar 27, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The streaming community has been discussing Tyler “Froggy Fresh” Cassidy being booted from Content Clash 2.0, including Charles “MoistCr1tiKaL” White standing up for the controversial figure.

Froggy Fresh was set to fight Chris Ray Gun at the highly anticipated Creator Clash 2.0 but the organization shook up the scene when they announced that he was being removed from the event. He was allegedly removed from the event for previous remarks he made on social media and then arguing with Clash 2.0’s organizer Ian “IDubbbz” Washburn’s mother-in-law. The official Twitter explained that he had to be removed to keep the event “inclusive and fun.”

But the streaming community has been torn about this situation, with many content creators speaking out against the decision.

Moist condemns Creator Clash for removing Froggy Fresh

Despite there only being three weeks left before Creator Clash 2.0, which will see a wide variety of influencers coming together to duke it out in the ring, the official account announced that Froggy Fresh is being replaced.

But not every streamer is feeling the love ahead of April 15, 2023.

MoistCr1tiKaL was especially outspoken about the decision. On Twitter, the outspoken and respected YouTuber said that he was “disappointed” in the decision.

“Kicking him for Twitter controversy after months of training is brutal,” Moist explained. “I don’t think any jokes he made were intended to be mean-spirited or s— on anyone.”

He added that he hoped the Creator Clash 2.0 would reconsider the decision.

The reaction to Moist’s statement has been mixed. Some people have backed up Moist and started calling iDubbbz “soft” for not allowing trash talk ahead of a boxing match. But others felt that Froggy Fresh took it too far by insulting iDubbbz’s wife and her mother.

On his own Twitter, Froggy Fresh has been going off about the situation. He has started telling his fans to donate directly to a cancer charity rather than donate to the Creator Clash 2.0’s cause. A lot of controversial figures have also taken Froggy Fresh’s side, attempting to prove that Creator Clash 2.0 doesn’t actually care about donations by dropping Froggy Fresh.

While the Froggy Fresh controversy is sure to continue, the Creator Clash 2.0 still has many other fights that are sure to be entertaining for fans. Even iDubbbz himself is prepared to duke it out with Alex Wassabi. All of the proceeds will go to charities, including the American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association of America.