Viper smoke Breeze

Mid control on Breeze is super easy with this Viper smoke

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze’s split mid area is a menace to tackle, but not when you have Viper’s kit to slice the site. This new smoke helps take control of mid safely. 

Few agents shine as bright as Viper on Breeze. The poisonous controller blocks sites for full rounds and slashes large areas into two, paving a safe path for teammates. On defense, Viper becomes a powerful shield, and her controller kit excels at shutting down attacks. Even newer Valorant players should be able to eyeball her simple abilities, but learning lineups can be surprisingly rewarding. 

This new Viper lineup for Breeze’s window has the potential to make mid control doable. Without her smokes, entering mid is like playing with fire.

How to take mid control on Breeze with Viper? 

This Viper smoke on Breeze lands in the middle of the window, completely blocking a OPer’s view. Players can comfortably stroll into both A and B site after tossing the smoke into the first mid. Here’s how to line it up.

The lineup begins from alt mid. Walk into the brick wall and place your crosshair in the middle of the second stone. Keep your aim at the corner of the ledge, as shown in the video. Equip the smoke, press the jump key, and release the device at the apex of your jump. The smoke will land behind the pillar, dividing the window into two and covering the entire opening. 

Once this smoke is in place, players won’t have to worry about an Operator holding the sight line. Pairing it with a molotov will net mid control as the enemy holding window won’t dare jump down. Attackers can execute numerous split plays by using this wall and combining it with the rest of Viper’s kit. A few flashes to blind enemies holding B site should do the trick and acquire a clear site. 

However, the attackers may need heavy support to get the first lineup right. While setting up the smoke, Viper is completely vulnerable to enemies on double doors who often peek forward. So teammates may want to watch her back while she sets up the mid-smoke. 


This and other similar Viper smoke setups make her one of the best agents to run on Breeze. Her controlling kit can quickly turn deadly when used properly on the giant map.