Valorant voice actors

Meet the Valorant voice actors, including photos and past work

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 10, 2022

Reading time: 8 min

You may never see your favorite Valorant agents in real life, but you can find out who voiced them. We have the complete list of the Valorant voice actors cast. 

All 18 agents in Valorant have well-thought-out dialogues and voice lines. Riot Games continues to add new lines to shine a light on the developing story in Valorant. Their casual chit-chat keeps the game exciting and highlights the crucial Valorant lore. The agent design may be cartoonish, but the touching voices allow players to resonate with the characters. 

All 18 characters have different voice actors, and we may know a thing or two about them. Here’s the full list of Valorant voice actors. 

Jett voice actor: Shanon William

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Shanon William is a singer-turned-voice actor who quickly became a sensation in the Valorant scene. She is the only known Valorant voice actor who actively plays Valorant. The voice of Jett has quite a fanbase, thanks to her regular streams where she occasionally reads her in-game lines. She’s also famous for her music before her Valorant breakthrough. 

Neon voice actor: Vanille Velasquez

Neon voice actor Vanille Velasquez is among the more popular Valorant voice actors for the infamous League of Legends’ Zeri and Neon fiasco. She recorded voice lines for characters in both games, which led to plenty of lore-related confusion. 

Velasquez is a renonwed voice actor hailing from Manila. The Filipino artist has also lent her voice for Jelly in the children’s TV show Ben and Pogo.

Viper voice actor: Ashley Burch

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Viper is hands down one of the fiercest agents in Valorant, and her voice lines back this claim. Ashley Burch has delivered her deadly dialogues perfectly, who herself isn’t a stranger to the gaming world. 

Before owning the Valorant protocol with Viper’s threats, Ashley was a writer on plenty of graphic shows, including Adventure Time. She’s an award-winning voice actress who is accomplished in the field of writing as well. Life Is Strange, and Horizon Zero Dawn won her Golden Joystick Awards for Best Performance in 2015 and 2017. 

Astra voice actor: Effie Nkrumah

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The woman behind Astra’s addictive tunes is Effie Nkrumah, who’s penned plenty of books under the alias of Benumah. Just like Astra, Effie is a creative who loves comedy, dance, and poetry. She’s also contributed tons to shine a light on Ghanaian culture and constructs of race. Effie voiced all the entertaining Astra tunes and jabs remotely from Ghana. 

Breach voice actor: David Menkin

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The Norwegian voice actor David Menkin aced Breach’s angry, aggressive personality. Menkin has plenty of experience in voice acting under his belt, including hit childrens’ TV shows like Thomas and Friends and Bob the Builder. In gaming, David Menkin is a familiar name as he’s appeared in Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield: Bad Company. 

Brimstone voice actor: Steve Blum

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Steve Blum is the voice behind the original pack leader Brimstone. It makes sense why Riot would pick him to breathe life in Brimstone. Steve Blum is a renowned name in the world of gaming with years of experience and a Guinness world record under his belt. His work goes back to the 1980s, so his voice fits Brimstone like a glove. Besides Valorant, Blum has voiced characters in Call of Duty, Dota, Halo, and Elder Scrolls.

Chamber voice actor: Hugo Pierre Martin

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Hugo Pierre Martin voiced the posh Sentinel Chamber with a hard black card. Like Chamber, Pierre hails from France, and he’s perfectly mastered the bitterness in Chamber’s elite timbre. Pierre has also appeared in titles like Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, and The Last of Us: Part II.

Cypher voice actor: Nabil Elouahabi

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Cypher’s voice actor Nabil Elouahabi is more involved in TV and film work. In Valorant, he did a great job of depicting Cypher’s mysterious spirit. Before Valorant, Nabil worked long-time in EastEnders, an iconic British soap opera. 

KAY/O voice actor: Gabe Kunda

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The war machine Kay/O isn’t voiced by a robot like some fans thought. Gabe Kunda captured the bot-like sounds perfectly to make Kay/O appear less like a human. Gabe Kunda’s voice has also been edited to make him sound more robotic. The voice actor is from Texas and has previously lent his voice for Legend of Heroes IV, Far Cry V, and Orcs must Die 3.

Killjoy voice actor: Eva Feiler

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Valorant’s bubbly Sentinel Killjoy always has the right joke to crack, and Eva Feiler sure knows how to deliver the punchline. The Killjoy voice actress has appeared in multiple successful British shows like The Archers, Father Brown, and the Crown. Valorant is her first gaming gig and Eva has quickly become a player’s favorite voice. 

Omen voice actor: Jason Marnocha

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The eery sounds Omen makes have been recorded by Jason Marnocha, an accomplished voice actor in anime. In gaming, his grizzly voice has been used in Smite and Dark Prince Renathal in World of Warcraft. While some special effects have been added to make him sound more ominous, Marnocha’s voice is the closest it comes to real-life Omen. 

Phoenix voice actor: Afolabi Alli

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Afolabi Alli is probably the only voice actor after Jett who’s involved with Valorant after the release. Thanks to Alli’s impeccable delivery, Pheonix’s witty voice lines and jokes are a hit among the fans. Afolabi Alli isn’t precisely a voice actor, but he has plenty of experience in classic theater.

Raze voice actor: Carolina Ravassa

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Brazil’s color baianá Raze is voiced by Carolina Ravassa, who hails from Colombia. Carolina already had a massive following before she set foot in Valorant, thanks to her voice contribution to multiple game titles. She is famous for playing Sombra in Overwatch but has also appeared in GTA V, Just Cause 4, and Cyberpunk 2077. 

Reyna voice actor: Karina Altamirano

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The fierce and death-dealing duelist Reyna’s voice is blood-curdling yet intoxicating. Karona Altamirano voiced the Mexican duelist, adding a gaming gig to her portfolio. Besides Valorant, Karina has voiced a few other characters in Spanish and Latin. Like Jett and Pheonix, Karina also loves to play Valorant and has shot some entertaining content as well. 

Sage voice actor: Naomi Yang

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Naomi Yang is the voice behind the sole revivor in Valorant. She hails from Beijing and has lent her voice in multiple TV shows, including Mars and Brave New World. Naomi’s voice lines for Sage quickly became popular among the Valorant players for her unique delivery. 

Skye voice actor: Miranda O’Hare

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The Australian healer entered the roster with a thick accent, making her voice lines difficult to ignore. Miranda O’Hare voices the stormy agent, and she did the perfect job of making her sound like a natural wild-life explorer. It was likely an easy task for her as Miranda entered the acting field when she was 12. Since then, she has netted plenty of voice acting jobs, including a gig in XCOM and Chimera Squad.

Sova voice actor: Aaron Vodovoz

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Aaron Vodovoz is easily one of the most accomplished voice actors in Valorant. He may not have many gigs in gaming, but Aaron has appeared in several movie titles and TV shows since his debut in 2001. Despite the popularity, Aaron is quick to respond to Valorant fans showing him their voice impressions. The Sova voice actor is now working on a gaming biography Tetris.

Yoru voice actor: Daisuke Takahashi

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Valorant’s stylish duelist Yoru made waves for his sassy comments and soothing voice. Daisuke Takahashi is the man behind the stealthy Japanese who has taunted the entire protocol at some point. Like Yoru, Takahashi also hails from Japan and has worked on characters from Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Resident Evil 2, and more.