Killjoy voice

Are Valorant voice actors trolling players in game lobbies?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Many players have been queuing with teammates who sound exactly like the Valorant agents. Is it possible that Valorant voice actors are trolling the players? 

Riot Games’ Valorant completely changed the first-person shooter in 2020. The animated shooter game brought lively characters with a distinct power to the realistic five-versus-five FPS category. These agents have moving backstories and voice lines that provide some context about the Radianite ruins in Valorant.

The voices of these agents aren’t hidden from anyone. Some of these voice actors are an active part of the Valorant community, and players think that they’ve been playing the game. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A few talented players are just good at mimicking the agents, which is both hilarious and freaky. 

Do agent voice actors play Valorant?

Shannon Williams is the only known Valorant voice actor who plays Valorant. The voice of Jett has quite a fanbase, thanks to her regular streams where she occasionally reads her in-game lines. She’s also popular for the music that she produced before her Valorant breakthrough. 

Other than Williams, no Valorant voice actor has an active community presence. However, these actors are pretty responsive if players reach out to them. For example, Sova and Phoenix soundalikes have messaged the voice actors and received praises for their spot-on impressions. The iconic “shot dart” voice line has gone insanely viral, so your ranked games may be loaded with fake Sovas. 

Tons of Valorant players are so good at mimicking that it’s tough to tell the difference. Aryanna is a popular streamer who has made tons of Killjoy, Skye, and Jett impressions. The streamer is known for her agent cosplays and spot-on voice lines. So if you think you played with the real Killjoy, it was probably just Aryanna having some fun. 

Who is the voice actor of Sage in Valorant?

Naomi Yang is the voice of Sage. She recently recorded her dialogues for Neon’s first look and revealed that the Sentinel has a special place for Neon in her heart. Only the Valorant lore and upcoming voice lines will tell what Naomi meant by that.