Meet Smolder, LoL’s new champion

By Nicholas James


Jan 4, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled the next champion to join League of Legends, and it’s the adorably named and designed Smolder, an adolescent dragon with lots to prove.

The developer of League of Legends often likes to preview upcoming champions earlier on in the year. In late 2023, Riot indicated that the next new champion after Briar’s release would be an important “royal” member of the roster, with the statement being previewed alongside art of a dragon egg.

Finally, that draconic new inductee has been revealed, and it turns out he’s more cute than terrifying.

Smolder revealed in new trailer

The latest addition to the roster was revealed in a teaser trailer published to social media early on January 4. The trailer depicts a very young voice walking the observer through the history of dragons on Runeterra. From the mighty dragons of Camavor — or as Smolder chooses to pronounce it, “Cama-Roar” — it’s a quick history catch up. Then, inevitably, we catch a glimpse of our new hero.

Smolder is a tiny adolescent dragon with purple, bone, and red patterns across his body. From his design, he appears to be inspired by the other great dragons of Mount Targon, and even our brief glimpse of him seems to be taking place on the steep cliffs of the great mountain.

Gone are the rumors that players would be getting a relation of Aurelion Sol or a hybrid child of Jarvan and Shyvana. Instead, we get a brand new character with lots of inspiration drawn from the depictions of drakes and dragons in Riots’ other games like Legends of Runeterra.

Smolder is likely to release in either January or February of 2024, with January being more likely. Riot doesn’t tend to show official glimpses of champions until they’re ready to ship them to PBE on the next patch, so Smolder could easily be in fans’ hands before the month ends.

There have been no announcements about his abilities or kit yet, stay tuned to for all the updates you need on the adorable new laner.


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