Majority of Twitch streamers won’t qualify for 70/30 sub revenue split

By Olivia Richman


Jun 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch has tried to save face by announcing a 70/30 sub revenue split after many streamers have called to boycott the platform. Now, it looks like the long-awaited 70/30 split is not even relevant to the majority of streamers on Twitch.

For the past few years, content creators have demanded that Twitch change its 50/50 sub revenue split to 70/30 in favor of streamers. Giving up 50% of subscriber-based income has been a major source of controversy and concern for many streamers both large and small.

Then the streaming platform also announced that it planned to limit branded content, which would further disrupt streamer income. This change led to many streamers calling for a Twitch boycott and saw many large streamers finally make a move to competing platforms like Kick.

To save face, Twitch tweeted that it was going to give streamers their demanded 70/30 sub revenue split. But there are a a few catches.

Most streamers won’t get 70/30 sub split on Twitch

The 70/30 sub revenue split is for streamers that qualify for the Partner Plus program. But even streamers that meet those minimum requirements will only get paid out once they pass $100,000 in revenue, causing some initial backlash.

But now it’s looking like most streamers won’t even qualify to begin with.

According to Stream Charts, only about 1,066 Twitch streamers can access Partner Plus and take advantage of the 70/30 sub split. That’s because only 2.5% of active Twitch Partners have over 350 monthly subscribers for multiple months in a row.

This means that most Twitch streamers will still have to do the 50/50 sub revenue split. With one of the worst splits of all streaming platforms as well as many other unpopular decisions that impact streamer income, it won’t be a surprise to see other streamers — big and small — leave Twitch come July.