MAD Elyoya: “We didn’t find our identity”

By Lee Jones


Aug 20, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

MAD Lion’s 9-game loss streak finally came to an end as they dispatched Excel 3-0 in the opening series of the LEC Sumer Finals. The win secured a Worlds spot for MAD and they’ll face the winner of G2 and Team BDS next. Following the victory over Excel, spoke with MAD jungler Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla. You said in your post-game interview on the broadcast that you expected to beat Excel convincingly. What gave you this confidence?

Elyoya: I think our recent scrims, our performance, and the mood of the team. I would say it’s a mood where we know how we’d feel because we already had this mood when we won it all and when we are doing good. We are happy [then], very happy, and right now we are very happy. So I was quite confident today.  

It must feel pretty good then to end the loss streak.

For sure, yeah. I think we had a nine-game loss streak. Even more maybe. It feels good to finally end it today and to end it on quite a good note. 3-0 today, convincingly.

What do you think was the cause of the loss streak and how have you guys made your way through it?  

I would say while we were playing in the summer split, we didn’t really find our identity as a team, and also the environment itself wasn’t good, everyone was a bit more tired – I would say there were many factors. It was not only one thing but many factors together that didn’t make us enjoy our time together as much as we are doing right now. I would say that was the main factor.  

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Do you think the break helped as well since you had a few weeks off to regroup?

It for sure did, yeah. I think the break was really helpful to all of us.  

Potentially G2 or BDS next then, who are you hoping for?

Well, I’m hoping for G2. I think G2 is also going to make it, I think they’re the strongest. I like playing them a lot – so I hope G2 and I think G2. 

Elyoya, you’ve been on MAD longer than any other player. Do you feel like you’ve almost got a captain’s responsibility at this point?

I wouldn’t say I’m the captain or anything. I don’t think we have a captain. I think we have strong voices and I would say me and Hyli might be the two that have the strongest voice in the team, but I don’t think there is a captain. I feel the responsibility to perform well as a team. But I think that every time I’m in any team, it’s not only because I’m the longest here, but just because I always want my team to perform well. And if it doesn’t, I’m going to blame myself and not blame any others because it won’t help me.  

I want to ask you about the All Pro Awards. I know since they’ve come out, there’s been a bit of controversy about those awards. What are your thoughts on how they turned out?

I think it’s in a way, a bit unfair because it’s probably not the five players who are the best in each role. But at the same time, they are the best-performing team. The way I like to see it is if you are second in your league, I don’t think you should say that you are better than the player in the first-placed team. That’s how I like to think. 

I’m not going to say I’m better than anyone if another guy is higher in the standings because there is a reason why he’s first. It might be his team, it might be what he brings to the team. I don’t know. I’m not on the team. So I’m just going to believe that he’s better than me until I’m on top. So I think I don’t really mind [the All-Pro] too much and I think it’s fine.


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