Hylissang MAD

Interview with MAD Hylissang: “We’re overwhelmed with emotions”

By Lee Jones


Jul 5, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Despite coming out swinging with a 4-0 start to the LEC summer 2023 regular season, Spring champions MAD Lions limped through to the group stage after losing the last five games on the bounce.

Following the loss to Team BDS in MAD’s final regular season match, we spoke with support Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov to get his thoughts on the downturn in fortunes and look ahead to the remainder of the split.

WIN.gg: You’ve qualified for the group stage but ended the regular season with a losing streak. Mixed emotions right now?

Hylissang: Yeah, it doesn’t feel as satisfying as if we were looking like a good team. Right now, we don’t look like a good team, and it’s a shame. The good part is that we are qualified, but I don’t think we can get far if we play like this – so it doesn’t feel that good.

What do you think has caused the losing streak?

I think there are a lot of factors. It feels like the last split when we barely reached the top eight. It feels like kind of the same issues are coming back, and it’s up to us to overcome them again and become a good team – because we know we can be a good team. It’s just us making it hard, you know, not that much that the enemy is way better than us or something. It’s just that we are not doing the same thing as a team.

I’m hopeful. I believe we can fix it in time, but it would take a lot of effort from the players and everyone to work on it. 

So is there an idea then already of what needs fixing? Maybe a bit of a plan there?

I think it can start from just better fundamentals from the players and a better mid-game understanding of what we should be doing, and how we should play as a unit because it feels like we’re just not doing the same thing and getting caught way too much. So there is for sure something going on there, and I think if we fix those two main things, then if we win our lanes like we used to, and we know how to play mid-game, then we’re good.

Do you think it will be helpful if there’s a break now before the group stage starts?

I think it can help, for sure, just because we’re kind of overwhelmed right now with emotions, and all these games don’t really help. They’re just a burden right now, it feels like. Maybe taking a break and just relaxing a bit – still playing the game, of course, just because there’s going to be a new patch and stuff, so we have to keep practicing and being sharp. I think it will help to relax.

How do you see that new patch changing things?

I like it more. I think there’ll be Rell as well, so I’m very, very glad that this champ is coming back, and I think it’s quite strong as well, so I like it. There’s going to be a bit more Alistar as well coming back in the meta for support, so I like that.

You and Mikyx are considered among the best-ever EU supports and have challenged each other for titles for years. What’s it like to be part of that rivalry?

I’m always looking forward to playing against Miky. Miky is such a nice guy, and he’s very talented. He’s probably the best support right now, so it’s very exciting to be part of the rivalry against him. It feels good. 

Who’s the better fit as the EU support GOAT?

Right now, I think he’s better than me, for sure, but I think on my good days – it’s close.


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