Luna, Invoker revealed as part of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood series

By Steven Rondina


Feb 19, 2021

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The second trailer for Dota 2-themed animated series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has premiered and fans are excited.

The teaser trailer hinted at some of the details regarding the show’s story, but fans were likely more interested in the various characters that were confirmed to be part of the series. Though it’s clear that Dragon Knight and Mirana will be the main characters of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, two new characters were shown in Luna and Invoker.

The trailer starts with a scene hinting that Dragon Knight will face some manner of defeat in the series which is followed by an action sequence involving Mirana and a number of unnamed townspeople. Past those two, some of the extra characters that appeared in both trailers were named.

The squire character that appeared alongside Dragon Knight in the first trailer is named Bram, while new characters Drysi and Fymryn were shown. On top of that, the goddess Selemene was also confirmed to be a character in the anime by Wykrhm Reddy.

It’s also shown that Davion is likely one member of a corps of Dragon Knights. The series seems to be presenting Dragon Knights as armored hunters of dragons, rather than a unique concept related to Davion being a knight with the powers of a dragon. Some allusions were made to Davion having those abilities but he wasn’t shown transforming or breathing fire in either of the trailers so far. Another character named Kaden was shown talking about Dragon Knights as a brotherhood to Davion.

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Perhaps more interesting is what didn’t involve Mirana and Dragon Knight. Invoker will be a part of the series. Though the character appears to be older than the in-game version of the character which led some to believe he may be a new character, the character with Quas, Wex, and Exort orbs circling him in the trailer was confirmed to be the Arsenal Magus, or Carl if you’re nasty.

Luna will also play a role in the series. Luna was clearly shown at the head of an army delivering a St. Crispin’s Day speech with her distinctive accent and S-shaped glaive. Luna being included comes as no surprise as the pair have close ties in their lore between the Nightsilver Woods and goddess Selemene, which is shown to be something of a rivalry in the voice lines between the two.

Who is making DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is an original series being created by Netflix. It is being animated by Studio Mir, best known as the team behind Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra. It’s being produced by Ashley Edward Miller of Thor and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame.

All the major details regarding DOTA: Dragon’s Blood can be found in this comprehensive guide.


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