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Ludwig uses Dream face reveal to break stream viewership record

By Olivia Richman


Oct 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

YouTube streamer Ludwig has broken his own concurrent viewership record thanks to Dream’s face.

On October 2, the entire gaming world was anxiously awaiting Dream’s face reveal. After a year of hinting and teasing, the Minecraft content creator was finally going to take off his iconic mask and show the world what he looked like.

Dream’s own video had over 850,000 views just 35 minutes after it was posted on his YouTube channel, but he wasn’t the only one getting views. A lot of popular streamers decided to livestream the reveal to show their reactions to one of the biggest online events in history.

Ludwig breaks livestream record during Dream face reveal

Ludwig has recently switched over to YouTube, where his streaming numbers never quite reached the same numbers as his Twitch streams. But that recently changed.

On October 2, Ludwig decided to livestream Dream’s face reveal, resulting in an incredible 150,000 concurrent viewers. That means over 150,000 people were watching at one time, making it Ludwig’s most-viewed livestream to this date.

During the watch party, one viewer asked him to check how many viewers he had. That’s when Ludwig explained that his most-watched livestream was Mogul Money Live, which had 145,000 people watching at once. That previous record was all but smashed yesterday.

“Are you f—ing kidding me?” Ludwig exclaimed.

With more high-quality livestream events planned in the future, both through his new creative agency Offbrand and his Smash tournament, Ludwig is expected to break this record in the near future.


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