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Ludwig, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae join pro UNO tournament circuit

By Olivia Richman


Aug 8, 2022

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An UNO tournament is coming and it features some of the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube including Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, and Sykkuno.

Mattel163 has announced the UNO Mobile Wildcard Series All-Stars hosted by Ludwig Ahgren. The lighthearted tournament series will have 16 familiar faces fighting to take home a solid gold UNO Wild Card. Here is who’s competing and when it will happen.

What is the UNO Mobile Wildcard Series All-Stars?

The UNO Mobile Wildcard Series All-Stars is an organized UNO tournament that starts on August 12 and features a grand finale on August 26. It will begin with qualifying rounds, which are two-on-two in nature. They are able to see each others’ cards, but not their two opponents’ cards.

“16 star gamers will need to strategize together in order to win,” the official press release stated.

The All-Stars tournament will be followed by a Community Cup at the end of this year. Anyone will be able to compete, helping UNO build up its “incredible community of global players,” according to Mattel163 CEO Amy Huang.

Huang said that UNO! Mobile is the “perfect fit” for a competitive tournament. The All-Stars series represents the first event in a “new era” of UNO! Mobile competitive gaming. This means that there may be more UNO competitions in the future if this one ends up going well.

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Who is competing in the UNO Mobile Wildcard Series All-Stars tournament?

The competitive UNO tournament has some of the most popular streamers from Twitch and YouTube. It will feature Ludwig and Gojj, a well-known shoutcaster, as hosts alongside these 14 competitors:

  • Sykkuno
  • LilyPichu
  • kkatamina
  • QTCinderella
  • BobbyPlays
  • Bellafox
  • NoahFromYouTube
  • ThesaurusPG
  • Orange Juice
  • Wynnsanity
  • BenTimm1
  • ThisisChris
  • Destini
  • Kashman
  • CouRage
  • Valkyrae

How to watch UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series All-Stars

If you want to watch the UNO action, you can head to the UNO! Mobile app for a livestream watch party. The action will also be streamed on the official YouTube channel.

The action begins on August 12 and August 19. Both will have qualifying rounds starting at 4 p.m. PT. The finals will be on August 26.

With games like Among Us becoming quite popular with the streaming community, it only makes sense to bring back a simple yet competitive classic like UNO. The nostalgic card game will be sure to bring out a ton of hilarious arguments, drama, laughter, and intense moments.