Ludwig sued

Ludwig sued by Nintendo, warns Smash community

By Olivia Richman


Oct 26, 2023

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A few months ago, Ludwig Ahgren was sued by Nintendo. The esports entrepreneur and streamer warned the Smash community that the competitive side of the game may be in danger.

A few days ago, the Smash scene was left reeling by Nintendo’s new Community Tournament Guidelines. These guidelines essentially disrupted online Melee tournaments and reduced the prize pool and entries for LAN tournaments, among many other crippling changes.

It looks like the community has already been disrupted, as Ludwig claims he was sued by Nintendo a few months ago over a Smash Bros. tournament series he hosted. He didn’t mention the specific reason why but wanted to discuss the future of Smash Esports under the new guidelines.

Ludwig warns Smash tournament organizers

In a video titled “I Got Sued by Nintendo,” Ludwig explained that he received a cease and desist letter from Nintendo and believes other tournament organizers will face similar action from Nintendo.

Ludwig stated that Nintendo warned him that tournaments couldn’t use “modified maps” before the tournament. But even after agreeing to this stipulation, it seems Nintendo found even more reasons to shut down future tournament efforts.

While it sounds quite concerning for Smash Esports, Ludwig pointed out that a Japanese tournament organizer did submit a form through Nintnedo’s new application system and was approved quite quickly.

Of course, there are many rules you’ll need to abide by in order to get approved as well. Still, it doesn’t seem like Nintendo wants Smash Esports to be totally gone forever, as some have speculated.


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