Ludwig already suspended on YouTube over copyright claim

By Olivia Richman


Dec 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Ludwig Ahgren has already been suspended from YouTube, just days after making the switch from Twitch.

Ludwig left Twitch for YouTube last week, making waves in the streaming community. Many were shocked that the subathon record-breaker was leaving Twitch so suddenly after his big break, but other streamers affirmed that switching to YouTube was the right choice for the streaming superstar. Now Ludwig is in hot water over playing the “Baby Shark” song.

Ludwig gets suspended from YouTube over Baby Shark song

During Ludwig’s third day on YouTube, he was temporarily banned during a live broadcast in front of 25,000 viewers. The irony wasn’t lost on Ludwig, who shared a video where he laughed about his ban so soon after the big switch.

“I was trying to look at the 50 most classic vintage YouTube videos of all time, the greatest single YouTube video of all time… On the way, I listened to a few seconds of ‘Baby Shark,’ which I won’t dare listen to another second of it, for the love of god. The corporate overlords who own ‘Baby Shark’ have, like, an iron fist on YouTube so they took me down,” Ludwig explained.

Ludwig admitted in his video explaining the ban that DMCA on YouTube was a bigger concern than he originally believed. The streamer said that he thought YouTube’s “robust” content ID system would hear the copyrighted music, flag it, and then take the monetization from the live stream to split the revenue appropriately.

“But ‘Baby Shark’ doesn’t work like that. They just immediately take you down,” Ludwig said with a laugh.

Ludwig said that there were clearly some “growing pains” he had to get through. Being banned after four days on YouTube when he was never banned on Twitch during his first four years on that platform was definitely a shock to the streamer’s system.

Ludwig said he is “getting through it” and that this is a “good note for the future.”

When will Ludwig return to YouTube?

Ludwig didn’t seem to know the exact date he would be back on YouTube following the suspension, but he didn’t seem too concerned. He guessed that he would probably be back on Saturday in time for his “Bro vs. Bro” stream. There will also be a stream this weekend with Mizkif and a few other well-known content creators.

“It will all go back but for now, I got banned. I got banned on YouTube on my third f—— day,” Ludwig said.

He then jokingly called out any YouTube employees watching, promising them that this was a “one-time thing.” He did mention that “Baby Shark” has over 9 million views and that the 25,000 viewers on his live stream wasn’t really a big deal to the company.

“Kids music is the worst thing that ever happened to YouTube,” Ludwig said.