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Valkyrae explains why Ludwig, other streamers are joining YouTube

By Olivia Richman


Nov 30, 2021

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The streaming community was shocked when “Ludwig” Anders Ahgren announced he was leaving Twitch for YouTube after accumulating a record-breaking number of Twitch subscribers. But streaming superstar Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has come forward to approve of his decision, stating that YouTube is the “only real option” for streamers.

Valkyrae signed a contract with YouTube in early 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. She quickly became the biggest female streamer on the platform and has worked with YouTube to continue improving the platform’s features. During a recent stream, Valkyrae explained that YouTube cares about its streamers, and questioned whether Twitch really does.

Valkyrae explains why YouTube is the “only option” for streamers

The 100 Thieves co-owner recently explained why YouTube is the best option for streamers, spurred by Ludwig’s decision to ink a contract with YouTube after his successful Twitch subathon. According to Valkyrae, YouTube offers a “sense of representation” that she never felt on Twitch.

“YouTube wants to treat me well and work with me,” Valkyrae said. “That was one of the biggest reasons why I was very happy to move from Twitch to YouTube, because the people behind the scenes made it very clear that they value my opinions.”

Valkyrae added that this alone makes YouTube the “only real option.” Valkyrae said that YouTube always treats her well and will even check in with her to see if she’s doing okay or ask if she needs anything.

“We work closely together and if I have something that I want them to do for the channel or website they’re always like, ‘Done!'” Valkyrae said. “I feel valued on YouTube. They make me feel important. On Twitch, that’s not really there.”

Valkyrae praises YouTube after making switch from Twitch

Valkyrae has discussed the joys of YouTube in the past. She said she was “happy” on YouTube for a variety of reasons, from the platform’s features to the company’s culture.

In the past, Valkyrae has explained that YouTube is “hungry” and looking to grow. They are working on a variety improvements that aim to make the experience better than Twitch, Valkyrae suggested, such as not having intrusive advertisements. While she originally felt she had abandoned her fans by switching to Twitch, she later felt that YouTube was a more welcoming spot to bring her followers into.

Why did Ludwig switch to YouTube from Twitch?

It’s no surprise that other big-name streamers are making the switch. Twitch has been known to be difficult to work with or give low-ball offers to popular streamers. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins called Twitch hard to work with in the past, explaining how the platform wasn’t willing to work with his other deals. Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang recently moved back to Twitch, but not before revealing that Twitch wasn’t willing to give him a good deal possibly due to already having other popular Asian streamers.

Disguised Toast is likely looking to capitalize on his huge following on his original platform. But don’t expect Valkyrae to go back to Twitch any time soon, or Ludwig for that matter. Ludwig and other streamers have been complaining about Twitch’s inability to listen to feedback. Meanwhile, YouTube has a lot of the features that Ludwig wants, including capped gift subscriptions.


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