LoL’s most hated champion gets new abilities with Yuumi rework

By Nicholas James


Dec 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is reworking one of the most frustrating champions in all of League of Legends, and here’s what it plans to do with a Yuumi rework.

Yuumi has rapidly ascended to be one of the game’s most-hated characters in her approximately three-year tenure in League of Legends. A versatile hyper-enchanter with the option to cling to fed carries and unkillable tanks for immunity, Yuumi provides tons of unfun moments for the players who are pitted against her. For this reason, Riot Games has revealed its thought process behind the upcoming Yuumi rework.

Riot reveals plans for Yuumi rework

Yuumi has several characteristics that make her frustrating, and Riot hopes to address some of these without completely removing her areas of strength in an upcoming Yuumi rework. As an enchanter, much of her gameplay is focused on undoing work done by the enemy team, healing up damage, shutting down engagements, and using poke to equalize good trades by the enemy. Yuumi’s ability to follow allied divers, assassins, and tanks into fights with her powerful spells makes for a binary experience that Riot Games is trying to fix, citing design goals related to her laning and professional play dominance.

Riot has clearly outlined its ideal state for a post-rework Yuumi as “an easy-to-learn Enchanter that’s all about protecting and enhancing her allies.” Yuumi’s rework will see her trading damage and crowd control for more early offense and defense, and she will still be able to attach to allies for long portions of time. However, the cost of this will be the level of impact that her spells can have, or making them easier to dodge. Altogether, it seems like Riot has a clear idea of what they want this retool to do for League of Legends’ resident book-riding cat. It’s now just a matter of execution.


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