Legion Commander is the best hero of 7.33e, here’s why

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 24, 2023

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The best hero of Dota 2 7.33e is practically invisible in pro games, but she can still earn you tons of MMR.

7.33e didn’t shake up the meta quite as much as Valve was hoping for. While the pro meta terrors were all taken down a notch, many of the most obnoxious heroes to see in pubs remain unchanged. Naga Siren currently reigns as the undisputed queen of carry, but another hero has quickly assumed a similar position across the creep wave. 

Legion Commander currently sports a monstrous 55.37% win rate this week, making her the most winning hero of the current patch. Her success even correlates with MMR, with the lowest win rate in Herald and the highest in Divine and up. In a meta that was just dominated by aura carriers like Underlord and Dark Seer, why has a pickoff-focused hero suddenly become the ultimate position 3?

The best hero of 7.33e somehow dodged a nerf

Legion Commander is the best hero of 7.33e thanks to her simple item build, fast scaling, and ability to close out games.

First, it’s important to remember that Legion Commander was already pretty strong at the start of 7.33. The Overwhelming Odds changes make her lane stronger and combo easier to execute, the real tipping point is the increased Duel cast range from 7.32. She can now delay a Blink Dagger in favor of Blade Mail, which lets her skip an awkward farming period right to getting Duel damage. While strong, she didn’t fare very well in Morphling and Medusa, the two most popular carries of the early patch.

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While she has gotten some negative attention from Valve, Legion was left alone in 7.33e. However, nearly all of her biggest counters or alternatives took a hit. Timbersaw, Broodmother, and Doom were all lightly nerfed, while Morph, Pugna, and the snake lady all received major downgrades. 

Lastly, Legion’s playstyle makes her fantastic at closing out games. Duel is the single best answer to slippery heroes like Slark, Naga Siren, and Phantom Lancer, and her sheer damage output makes her fantastic at hitting towers. One well-timed duel can turn a winning game into a won game. Combined with her flexible item build and nerfed counters, it’s no surprise that Legion Commander has statistically become the best pub hero of 7.33e.


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