LEC reveals start date for 2022 Spring Split before Worlds 2021

Nicholas James • October 4, 17:59

Worlds is about to begin, but fans of European League of Legends already have plenty to look forwards to.

The LEC announced the official start date for the 2022 Spring Season. Unfortunately, it also made the announcement that it will not be holding a LEC roadshow due to health concerns.

The LEC studio in Berlin, Germany
The LEC 2022 Spring Split begins on January 14.

The LEC doubled down on its priority on improving the online viewing experience in 2022. Public health measures have meant a lack of studio seats being filled due to safety concerns. Given the uncertain future for in-person esports events, Riot Games clearly intend to continue leaning into their digital streaming options.

2022 LEC season includes new team, new look

The new split will see the addition of a new team, with FC Schalke 04 selling its franchise following its parent organization’s relegation from the football league Bundesliga. The buyer of the LEC franchising slot is Team BDS, which is already making waves with its Valorant roster. Team BDS’ first LEC roster remains a total mystery, and it’s uncertain whether the team will completely purge the S04 players.

More changes are sure to come ahead of the 2022 LEC Spring Season, with rumors of G2 Esports’ roster imploding following its poor playoffs performance in the summer. The landscape of the LEC could be vastly different from recent years if reports promise to be true, with longtime players shuffling into other rosters. Previous teammates look to become competitors across the board.

The LEC Champions Mad Lions represent the LEC alongside Fnatic and Rogue at the 2021 World Championship, which begins on October 5.


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