Brimstone from Valorant

Learn how to play Brimstone, the top shot-caller in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 3, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The original team leader, Brimstone, is one of the best smokers on the roster. His simple toolkit, when used correctly, nets wins at a high level of play. 

Riot Games has effectively balanced the Valorant protocol by slotting 20 agents into four classes. While sentinels, initiators, and duelists are often responsible for executing plays, controllers help put a plan in place and provide support. The four smokers are viable on different maps, but some are strong everywhere. Brimstone is among that lot and can have a significant impact in Valorant games. 

How to play Brimstone in Valorant and use his abilities

Brimstone, the senior shot-caller, has a straightforward kit with all the tools necessary to enable teammates. He’s the ideal agent for green Valorant players, but is still a staple pick at high levels of play. 

Stim Beacon (C)

Brimstone is a team player to the core, and his Stim Beacon is proof. The controller is equipped with a trailblazing gadget that provides fire rate and speed boosts to teammates within its radius. For 200 creds, Stim Beacon offers a major offensive advantage for 12 seconds. 

Brimstone in Valorant

The machine works best when multiple teammates are gathered in a single spot. The entire team will be able to move around quicker and deal more damage. Another way to squeeze full juice out of the beacon is by tossing it in hard push situations. Breaking into the site becomes much easier with higher movement speed. 

Brimstone players may want to avoid using Stim Beacon when teammates aren’t around. The AOE is visible and can signal a player’s position to enemies if used carelessly. 

Incendiary (Q)

Brimstone’s molotov is the most powerful one of all. The simple-to-use incendiary grenade costs 250 creds and does 60 damage per second, making it a lethal weapon. 

His incendiary is pretty simple and works best in post-plant situations. However, players may want to learn lineups to keep the enemy away from the Spike. It’s still quite viable in locking down areas due to its large AOE. Thanks to Brimstone’s exceptionally large smokes, he can also hide the fire inside the radius, tricking enemies into taking some damage.

Sky Smoke (E)

Brimstone’s smokes are simple but unique. They’re large, so they cover vast entries ensuring safety. A single globe lasts for almost 20 seconds, making it a powerful ability in Valorant. 

Brimstone’s arm screen helps him smoke off areas safely and accurately. He can block a site for long periods, forcing enemies to rotate to another site. Pairing smokes with incendiary grenades provides 10 seconds of cover. However, players may not want to use all their smokes at the beginning of the round as he doesn’t get a reload. 

The range of Brimstone’s computer is decent, but it still restricts him from smoking freely around the map. Brimstone players may want to play on more central locations like Bind’s elbow, Haven’s B site, and Ascent’s market to guarantee he has a presence across most of the map. 

How to use Brimstone’s ult

Brimstone in Valorant

Orbital Strike works best when enemies are crowded in one spot. For his ult to work perfectly, assitance from the team’s initiator is preferred. Sova and Fade can expose multiple enemies, creating opportunities for multiple kills with Brimstone’s ult.