These Brimstone Molotov tricks will win you rounds on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Controllers are crucial for opening up sites in Valorant and this Brimstone Molotov lineup shows just how powerful they can be. 

Valorant controllers are pegged as the ultimate support, largely thanks to their smokes. With their ability to block sights, attackers can easily win control over bomb points with minimal difficulty. However, duelists outshine them post-plant, forcing the smokers into the backdrop.

Consequently, controllers have become the least-picked class of agents, overpowered by duelists and sentinels. So far, only Omen has been able to escape the controller curse. However, Brimstone’s smoke and molotov lineups prove that he may be more viable than he’s given credit for. 

For this setup, move towards A garden and attach yourself with the wooden boxes. Aim upwards at the sky, and place your crosshair on top of the building. Load your Molotov, and use the hud as your guide. Align the smoke ability icon with the house on top of the building, as shown in the image below. Once you get this right, fire the loaded incendiary. The fire will land on A site’s default bomb point, burning enemies within the incendiary radius. 

Blog post image

This setup works best when you have at least one teammate alive, as the bomb defusal sound would be extremely faint in A Garden. As such, you won’t hear the spike being defused, especially if there are multiple opponents alive trying to retake the site. Wait for a teammate’s callout to deploy the molotov to ensure that it causes enough damage to detonate. 

Another way Brimstone can assist his teammates with this lineup is by watching flanks. The A Garden corner allows the agent to cut off enemy rotations from other sites, enabling the attackers to keep an eye on other passages. 

How long does Brimstone Molotov last? 

Brimstone fry any agent with enough time, as his incendiary burns for almost nine seconds and deals 60 HP damage per second.  Brimstone’s incendiary is just as deadly as his ultimate, Orbital Strike, when players are forced to stand in it post-plant. While the Molotov alone is enough to stall a defuse, combining it with Sky Smokes can absolutely obliterate enemies. 

Recent buffs are likely to pull him out of the bottom of the pickrate list. With lasting smokes and an unforgiving fire, Brimstone can easily give other support agents a run for their money. 


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