Leakers reveal details on Valorant map 8, set in Portugal

By Kenneth Williams


May 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant leakers are predicting that map eight will take place in an alternate reality version of Portugal.

After months of hints, some of Valorant’s foremost pulse-readers have called the location of the next in-game map. The information was shared in a collaborative social media thread with leaker ValorLeaks and Valorant lore master Cynprel. The pair outlined six big teasers that all point to Valorant map eight taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. It will also be the first Valorant map to take place on Omega Earth, which plays a key role in the game’s lore. 

The biggest clue is a card at the end of the Valorant Episode 4, Act 3 battle pass. The art shows a yellow tram car driving through an underwater tunnel. The design and color of the cars are very similar to Lisbon’s famous public transit cars.

Hidden maps from the WARM UP cinematic further point towards the Portuguese capital. Killjoy’s lab also hides the coordinates for Lisbon in the Arcana visual novel. Those three hints all but confirm the location of Valorant map eight as Lisbon, Portugal,  but it still won’t be the normal version of the Iberian city.

Cynprel, who is a Valorant lore enthusiast and streamer, goes on to mention that Neon and Fade both hint at a trip to Omega Earth. A voicemail from Fade appears to state that she previously visited Omega Portugal and returned to normal Earth.

Other teasers include emails and images involving a scientist from Omega Earth. As far as a release date, the ValorLeaks had nothing to report. Fans will have to wait and see how Valorant map eight develops an alternate reality of Lisbon, Portugal.

What does Omega Earth mean for Valorant map eight?

In Valorant, Omega Earth is an alternate reality that sends agents to steal radianite from regular Earth.

Omega Earth is almost the exact same as normal Earth, including the people alive there. There are a few key differences, such as Omega Earth developing alternate reality technology before normal Earth.

A few Omega versions of Valorant agents have also canonically died, including Viper and Jett. Many Valorant agents have interacted with their Omega Earth counterparts. Chamber and Sova formed relationships with their alternate selves while Phoenix has been shown fighting against his mirror image. 

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The Omega Earth story also explains why an agent can appear on both teams. One is the normal Earth version while the opponent is the impostor. It also explains exactly what Valorant players are fighting for in-game. The bomb sites contain radianite, a mysterious mineral in the Valorant universe.

It’s not clear if Valorant map eight will work differently due to taking place on Omega Earth. The map could bring a new visual style or implement an Omega Earth-exclusive mechanic. One of the teasers showed railcars, which could work to rotate players around a larger map.