Leak uncovers Valorant Episode 3 Act III battle pass rewards

By Steven Rondina


Oct 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant Episode 3 Act III is set to be a very big one given the battle pass rewards that leakers found in hidden files.

Alongside the long-awaited reveal of Deadeye, officially named Chamber by Riot Games, Valorant data miners unearthed what will likely be most of the rewards for the Episode 3 Act III. This includes two new skin lines, as well as a unique melee weapon.

As of this writing, these discoveries have been exclusive to weapon skins. No gun buddies or sprays have been unearthed yet, though there are likely to be some included in Valorant’s Episode 3 Act III battle pass rewards.

Still, what’s been found is interesting enough to warrant attention all on its own.

Valorant Episode 3 Act III battle pass adds Goldwing, Aero skins

Two new skin lines were revealed in the Episode 3 Act III battle pass hidden files. Those new lines are named Goldwing and Aero.

Goldwing features skins with black and gold patterns complete with red accents. There are four Goldwing skins included among the battle pass rewards for the Classic, Ghost, Judge, and Ares. Though these skins won’t be appearing especially frequently, this set is a very attractive one that will hopefully be expanded on in the future.

The other skin line set to arrive in the Valorant Episode 3 Act III battle pass rewards is Aero, which is radically different from the Goldwing skin line. While Goldwing has a uniform design and look, the Aero skins go full Power Rangers with each gun having its own color.

It starts with a red and black Frenzy for pistol rounds, with a lime green and gray Phantom for full buys. For situational use are a purple and black Spectre and a pink and white Guardian.

Rounding things out are the Genesis skins. Each weapon has a gold and purple look seemingly modeled after Astra’s arm. There are skins for the Operator, Bucky, Shorty, and Bulldog.

It’s unknown how much it will take to unlock these skins but each one is a strong addition to a player’s collection. Just on these skins alone, the Valorant Episode 3 Act III battle pass rewards are very good, but it doesn’t end there. 

New chakram melee weapon coming in Valorant Episode 3 Act III

While the Goldwing and Aero skins are very good, the real highlight of the Valorant Episode 3 Act III battle pass is the chakram melee weapon.

Valorant’s arsenal of melee weapons isn’t just limited to knives. The next battle pass will be offering up a bejewelled chakram for players in the same vein as the melee weapon found in the Origin collection.

The melee weapon has a gold and purple motif that will be perfect for Astra mains. That said, it’s such a distinctive weapon that it’ll be hard to resist the urge to equip it on everyone.

When does Valorant Episode 3 Act III come out?

Valorant Episode 3 Act III is set to launch on November 2. 

It will come out alongside the battle pass, but those looking to play as Chamber will have to wait a bit longer. Riot Games revealed that Chamber won’t be arriving at the start of Episode 3 Act III and will instead arrive a few weeks later with the 3.10 patch on November 16.