Valorant map Icebox

Leak reveals potential changes to Valorant map Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


May 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Icebox is going under the knife to prepare for its comeback, which is still months away.

On April 6, 2023, Riot axed Icebox from Valorant to make space for a renewed Bind. The new map rotation sees each map going to the workshop for necessary tweaks. After Bind, Icebox is now getting a facelift to fit in the game meta. Riot still hasn’t shared the changes, as the next rotation is at least two months away, but keen leakers have a scoop.

ValorantleaksEN has revealed the potential changes coming to Icebox in the next rotation. The screenshots show these tweaks are still rudimentary and haven’t been finalized. However, players are happy with what they see so far.

All the changes to Icebox in Valorant

Riot seems to be adding more dimension and details to Icebox, especially on A site. The last rework focused more on B site, but boxes and new angles will be placed throughout the map this time.

Icebox map changes

A site’s screen, default surroundings, and maze area will see some noticeable tweaks. The new box dimensions will boost maneuverability for those who excel at movement. Mid will also become less risky for attackers who were exposed to two angles: the container and the right side of the screen entrance. The new Icebox will have an additional box placed on mid to block the lower middle area at least.

Blog post image

The tiny new box on B site is one change that has pleased the fans. Despite the B rework, the default point is still tricky for attackers to plant the Spike. However, the new box will add more detail to the area, allowing attackers to play around the site with their utility. It would also provide extra shelter from B tower, the spot defenders often hold to prevent Spike plant.

Blog post image

So far, the potential changes look promising. It remains to be seen what makes the cut for the final release and if Riot would roll out more updates to the icy tundra. But players will have to wait a lot before finding out. Icebox doesn’t return for at least another act.