League of Legends Worlds Finals Show Open features Imagine Dragons

Nicholas James • November 1, 17:27

Imagine Dragons are making their way back onto the finals stage for Worlds this year for Riot Games’ Show Open, along with a star-studded roster of other performers. The opening ceremonies will begin at 5am PT.

Riot released an Arcane-themed trailer to announce the lineup of featured artists. Riot is looking to highlight the tracks they’ve already dropped as a part of the tournament and the hype up towards Arcane. The opening ceremonies for the finals will include Imagine Dragons, PVRIS, Bea Miller, JID, and Denzel Curry.

Denzel Curry, pictured in the Worlds 2021: Finals Show Open teaser trailer

Riot is going full steam ahead with the week-long hype train heading into the Worlds 2021 finals and has announced the full list of artists who will be joining the opening ceremonies for this year’s tournament.

In a video posted to Youtube, Riot leans heavily into their upcoming animated series, Arcane. With Imagine Dragons and JID being announced, and the enormous RiotX Arcane event currently ongoing, Riot wants the Worlds finals and Arcane’s release to ride the same wave of attention.

Lineup hints at unreleased songs from Arcane soundtrack

PVRIS can be expected to perform the Worlds 2021 anthem, Burn It All Down. Bea Miller, however, has only had her song from the Arcane soundtrack announced, with no official previews as of yet. The other name that prompts questions is Denzel Curry, whose Arcane track “Dynasties & Dystopias” also hasn’t been released.

With the animated series premiering the same evening, it seems incredibly likely that fans’ first full listen to these tracks will be right before EDward Gaming and DAMWON KIA slug it out.

Arcane’s full soundtrack has already been announced, but it seems like Riot is keeping the opening ceremonies’ soundtrack to just the first act. The Worlds 2021 finals take place on November 6.


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