League of Legends Pride Month features Twisted Fate and Graves

Olivia Richman • May 11, 2022 10:05 pm

League of Legends is celebrating Pride Month with some wholesome new emotes.

June is Pride Month, a celebration of LGBTQ+ individuals and a time to remember the 1969 Stonewall riots. Riot Games is bringing Pride Month to League of Legends with emotes and icons that feature Twisted Fate and Graves, as well as a happy poro.

The standouts from the collection are the two emotes with the two champions seeming friendlier than usual. One of the emotes has Twisted Fate putting his arm around Graves from behind, both of them smiling at each other with eyes shut. The other has them clasping hands and tilting their heads towards each other. This has left the League of Legends community wondering what the relationship between Twisted Fate and Graves truly is.

Are Twisted Fate and Graves a couple in League of Legends?

Once League of Legends players saw the emotes, they couldn’t help but wonder if Twisted Fate and Graves are more than just roommates. For Pride Month last year, a League of Legends Pride love story revealed that Diana and Leona had been romantically involved, so it seems that this relationship between Twisted Fate and Graves could also be considered cannon.

League of Legends has a massive roster of champions and some in-depth lore. Graves and Twisted Fate are both sketchy criminal champions that share a lot of the same background. Even before Pride Month 2022’s emotes were revealed, many were already wondering if they were romantically involved in some way.

In Twisted Fate’s official bio, the swindler came across Graves in a gambling hall. They immediately recognize each other as “kindred souls” and join forces. While on the run, Graves and Twisted Fate caused trouble throughout the northeast coast. Unfortunately, a heist gone wrong sees Graves captured, separating the two champions.

Graves’ bio states: “Thrown into the infamous prison known as the Locker, Graves endured years of torture and solitary confinement, during which time he nursed his bitter anger toward his old partner. A lesser man would surely have been broken by all this, but not Malcolm Graves. He was determined to have his revenge.”

Despite feeling that Twisted Fate abandoned him, the two met once again later on. While Graves initially wanted revenge, the pair was forced to partner up to escape yet another dangerous situation.

There were some differences that caused a rift between the pair, but they eventually reconciled. Twisted Fate was happy to have his friend and partner back. Graves hoped to pull off another bigger heist.

While there was never any mention of a romantic relationship between the two, fans were still curious about the champions’ seeming closeness. For some League of Legends fans, these emotes prove that a romantic relationship between Twisted Fate and Graves is cannon. But others feel the emotes are “tame” and are disappointed that Riot Games wouldn’t make it more obvious that the two were more than friends, if indeed they are.


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