New League of Legends lore book appears to be in the works

Jagoda Gaworczyk • September 13, 21:03

It’s no question that League of Legends has some of the most expansive, and at times confusing, lore in the competitive gaming sphere. This makes it that much more exciting that developer Riot Games is reportedly to be releasing a new lore book to streamline and supplement all of the amassed information about the game’s world.

The LoL narrative and world building team have been working tirelessly for as long as the game has been popular. Committed players will know that the entire cannon lore got reworked in 2014, which brought about the end of the “Institute of War” that was intended to explain the arena and the players’ roles in the game.

Instead, Riot opted for a more elaborate origin story and allowed for some suspension of disbelief in regards to the battle actually featured in the game on Summoner’s Rift.

Now it seems like Riot is committed to the current storyline. They’ve been developing it consistently with the addition of each new champion, and publishing updates to past champions in the meantime. In the most recent feature, Riot’s head of narrative Ariel “Thermal Kitten” Lawrence spoke to the company’s goals with its narrative developments.

“While we’re surrounded by the digital versions of Runeterra’s stories and images on Universe, we wanted a way to hold it in our hands,” Lawrence said.

This likely means that the League of Legends team is following in the footsteps of many studios before them, publishing a physical piece of media in support of their game. It would likely featuring both established and new and exclusive lore pieces to entice their fans into buying it. Or at least, those fans of the game who are too impatient to wait until the contents inevitably make their way onto online forums.

With a more stable base behind the new lore setting, which treats Runeterra, the main site of League of Legends action, as a mythical land to build upon up until present day with its own deities, history and heroes, the narrative team certainly has more freedom to keep the story going for many years to come.


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