League of Legends free champion rotation — March 14

By Nicholas James


Feb 23, 2023

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League of Legends lets fans test out a series of champions for free every week, allowing you to try out someone new without unlocking them. Here’s the weekly League of Legends free champion rotation.

There are over 140 champions in League of Legends, each with completely unique abilities. With prices ranging all the way up to 6300 Blue Essence, it can be very difficult for fans to unlock all of the champions, especially if they’re newer players. In order to help remedy this, Riot Games releases a weekly rotation of champions who are free to play in Normal Draft and Blind modes.

Here is this week’s rotation of free champions and a little bit of information on their abilities and how to play them.

Free champion rotation

There are 16 champions available on the weekly free champion rotation each week, here are all of this week’s champions and how you can play them. The free champions this week are Gnar, Kog’Maw, Lissandra, Lulu, Malphite, Olaf, Orianna, Rammus, Rek’Sai, Renekton, Senna, Sion, Warwick, Xerath, Zeri, and Zoe.


Twisted Fate Graves cannon

Gnar is a hybrid ranged/melee champion with huge team fight potential who can still perform a powerful split push. With a potent laning phase and an ultimate that makes him irreplaceable in the right composition. If you like dominating in lane and still contributing later on in the game, Gnar might be just the champion for you.


Kog’Maw is a hyper-scaling, hyper carry marksman, or even a poke mage if you’re brave enough. Kog’Maw is incredibly weak early on into the game, but eventually becomes one of the most terrifying presences in all of League of Legends once he gets levels and items under his belt.


Lissandra is a classic control mage who is self-reliant, with tons of crowd control, wave clear, and some of the most guaranteed safety in the game. Lissandra has mobility to escape over walls or engage suddenly, and two pieces of crowd control that help her enable team mates and keep herself safe. With a passive that turns dead enemies into walking ice bombs, Lissandra is a team fight god.


Lulu is an enchanter with excellent support for hyper-carry characters like Kog’Maw. She has a suite of support abilities to amp up and protect allies, as well as Polymorph, one of the single most-powerful abilities in the game for shutting down enemy carries. If you have squishy members of your team who need protecting, give Lulu a try.


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Malphite is a classic tank, with hardly any influence in most of his kit but tons of game-changing potential with his massive ultimate. If you enjoy a passive, unexciting laning phase that leads to incredibly high moments of impact during team play in the midgame, try out Malphite.


Olaf is a simple jungling champion who loves nothing more than to run face-first into enemy teams. Able to become completely immune to crowd control for a theoretically infinite amount of time, Olaf is an early game monster who struggles in the later phases of the game. If you’re picking Olaf, get an early advantage and try to keep your foot on the gas.


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Orianna is another classic control mage, her unique ball mechanic allows her unparalleled zone control and has kept her as a competitive staple for years. Orianna pairs best with team mates who can easily deliver her ball into enemy teams, so look to group with allies and force fights.


Rammus excels at one thing and one thing only, shutting down auto-attack reliant champions and turning their strengths back on themselves. Rammus shines when paired into enemies who are most attack damage-focused, and can lock down single targets for his team to finish off.


Rek’Sai is an aggressive jungler with tons of map mobility and the unique mechanic of spotting enemies over walls. Popping in and out of the ground between her two forms, Rek’Sai is another early game-focused champion who wants to create an early lead and turn that advantage into a win.


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Renekton is another early game champion who falls off as the game goes on. With tons of damage and one of the strongest laning phases in the game, Renekton brings the fight to his top lane opponents with a scary amount of agency and lane control. Renekton players should look to stomp their lane opponent into the ground before turning that gold advantage on the rest of the enemy team.


Senna is an infinitely-scaling support/ADC hybrid who scales with minions that die around her and harassing enemy champions. Senna often slots in as a support, but can even be used bot lane with melee champions like juggernauts or fights who synergize well with her. This unique dynamic can allow the team to have both a marksman and another tanky champion.


Sion is another traditional tank who contributes best to his team by being a meat shield and team fight presence. Sion is another theoretically infinitely-scaling champion, gaining maximum HP as minions around him die. Sion is most often seen in the top lane and sometimes as a support.


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Warwick is an aggressive tanky jungler who still brings tons of damage and sustain to the table. With the ability to chase down low health enemies from across the map and tons of early game presence, Warwick is a beginner-friendly champion who new junglers should definitely pick up.


Xerath is the perfect example of an artillery mage, with tons of range and poke and absolutely zero mobility to keep himself safe. Xerath is a mid lane who sometimes shows up as a support. Xerath excels when able to stand far, far away from his opponents and poke them down from a distance.


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Zeri is a unique marksman with tons of team fight presence and a unique kit. Best paired with teams who can keep enemies off of her, Zeri wants to fight from the back line unharassed before rapidly ascending to a god-mode carry who can end entire fights on her own.


Zoe is the archetype burst mage mid laner, sending bubbles over walls into enemies before portalling over the wall to send a Paddlestar into enemies that deal ridiculous amount of enemies. Zoe is incredibly high skill ceiling mage who might be a bit much for newer players, but is an excellent tool for experienced mid laners who want a new option in their roster.

Those are all the free characters in the weekly champion rotation.


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