LCS teams to field temporary rosters amid strike

By Melany Moncada


May 30, 2023

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LCS teams have allegedly found temporary rosters to compete on stage. The decision comes after the LCS Player Association passed a vote to go on strike ahead of the upcoming season.

North American League of Legends players have agreed to a strike. The decision comes as a protest to Riot Games’ recent decision to remove the Academy team requirement, putting at risk the future of the region.

While most teams won’t have their main roster available for week one of the LCS Summer Split, set to start on June 1, Riot says the show must go on. According to different sources, the publisher is demanding the season continue as scheduled, going as far as to remove the rank requirement for players — meaning that teams can temporarily sign almost anyone.

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LCS goes on strike

The general reaction to the LCS strike has been one of support. This is a historical moment in esports that can only benefit players in the future as long as other players don’t cross the picket line.

But according to some reports, most teams might have completed their temporary rosters with a combination of coaching staff and independent players. Other reports indicate that teams tried to set a payment of $800 per game for the temporary players. However, Riot Games forced the organizations to raise the payment to $2,000 per game.

This number is enough to tempt collegiate players and other amateur players. The LCSPA is discouraging players from taking these offers since it could negatively impact their future prospects in the industry.

On May 30, the LCS was supposed to host asset day. During this day, the LCS production team records all promotional material for the upcoming season with players, including videos and photos. According to Travis Gaffor, asset day was canceled just hours before it was set to start.

Riot wants the season to go as scheduled, but it remains unclear what will happen in the coming days.


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