LCS players will walk out in protest of NACL changes

By Nicholas James


May 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Professional North American LoL talent will be staging a walkout in protest of the recent Riot Games ruling to make North American Challenger League participation optional for LCS organizations.

Following a vote by the members of the LCS Players Association, the entirety of the league’s players will be staging a walkout and refusing to participate in the scheduled start of the 2023 Summer Split unless Riot opens a dialogue with the LCSPA about the grievances. This action was voted for at an LCSPA meeting held on Sunday, May 29. The LCSPA has released a statement that asks Riot Games to make moves toward negotiations with the players in order for the LCS to continue as planned.

LCS players strike imminent

In a statement, the LCS Players Association laid out the results of the May 29 vote.

“Joining hands to put competition aside is a testament to the significance and urgency of the issues at hand. We stand at this impasse because actions were taken by Riot without prior communication or discussion with the LCS players. The LCSPA sincerely hopes Riot will avert this walkout by joining us in the coming days to have open and transparent discussions so that we can forge collaborative solutions to ensure the best futures for the LCS and the NACL.”

The vote required half or more of the members of the LCSPA to vote in favor of a walkout. Riot Games’ recent decision to axe mandatory Challenger’s League teams for NA organizations was controversial among fans and players. With North American native talent dwindling, it poses a stark risk to the future of the LCS. The LCS was set to begin its 2023 Summer Split on June 1. This walkout vote could jeopardize that, should Riot and the LCSPA fail to come to suitable terms.


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