Kick vs. Twitch — What platform pays more?

By Melany Moncada


Apr 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

As more controversial yet popular content creators join Kick, more up-and-coming streamers are looking into it as an alternative to Twitch. The reason? The revenue split. Does Kick pay more than Twitch? We have the answer for you.

The revenue split is a hot topic in the streamer sphere. Content creators want to monetize their communities in a way that is fair to them. Platforms take a cut of any revenue generated through them, and Twitch is no exception.

Twitch offers a 50/50 revenue split to content creators, meaning that for every dollar a streamer makes, they will only receive 50 cents. Add taxes, and the final number will be even smaller. Streamers have been trying to fight this split, but Twitch won’t back down. Enter Kick.

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The platform offers the two things it believes Twitch lacks. A comprehensive banning system that only targets people who deserve it and a fair revenue split with users taking 95% of their earnings.

On paper, it sounds like the perfect platform. But in reality, Kick is facing some unique challenges as it gains a reputation as a vulgar and unpleasant alternative. The lack of proper moderation encourages new creators to take things to the extreme. In one incident, a streamer performed explicit sexual acts live and only received a one-day ban.

Does Kick pays more than Twitch?

Kick does pay more than Twitch. From every dollar a user earns, they will receive 95 cents against the 50 cents they would receive on Twitch.

While the revenue split is better, the overall numbers on the platform are lower. Kick is projected to have between 1% and 7% of the total viewers that Twitch currently has. The demand is low, and so is the offer. Kick has between 2% and 4% of total active streamers in comparison with Twitch.

The revenue split is perfect, but users will have to fight hard to earn every cent.