Heelmike short ban for sexual Kick stream sets a dangerous precedent

By Melany Moncada


Feb 27, 2023

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Kick streamer Heelmike received a one-day ban after performing explicit sexual acts live. At the time of the event, Heelmike’s channel had over 25,000 viewers.

The Los Angeles-based streamer migrated to Kick following the wave of controversial creators that are parting ways with Twitch.

Kick is another streaming platform that attempts to compete with Twitch by implementing a fair revenue distribution and allowing 18+ content. The biggest champion for the platform is Trainwreck, a gambling streamer.

Who is Heelmike?

Heelmike started his online career as a Fortnite player. He reached the status of Twitch partner soon after. On that platform, Heelmike amassed a following of over seven million.

On Kick, Heelmike averages over 5,000 viewers and saw a significant peak on the day of his banning. Heelmike’s content falls into the Just Chatting category. On his stream, Heelmike invites OnlyFans content creators to spend time with him and answer whatever questions the audience might have.

Heelmike walked a fine line while streaming on Twitch and has now gone completely wild on Kick. The streamer has admitted that he feels free, which led to the events that caused the ban.

Why was Heelmike banned from Kick?

Heelmike invited two OnlyFans content creators to his February 24 stream. The three of them spend a portion of the stream talking, drinking, and spinning a wheel that included different activities.

At the peak of the stream, one of the women, who is a regular on Heelmike’s channel, performs oral sex on him. Heelmike films his own face and pans the camera down a couple of times before the act ends.

After this, Heelmike received a one-day ban on Kick.

Trainwreck reacts to Heelmike ban

Heelmike reacted to his banning on Twitter.

“1 day ban on kick after avg 15k views and honestly, I got lost in the sauce and was over the top. I’ll be back with the energy but not being disrespectful. This is why kick is the goat because they reach out and tell creators what they did wrong,” Heelmike wrote.

To this, Trainwreck reacted.

“If I was petty like Twitch’s PG13 streamers who work with Twitch staff, I’d halt your growth and prevent you from streaming until the ‘hype’ dies down, but I ain’t going to play those games, just be smarter, hold a line, don’t cross it,” Trainwreck wrote.

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The former Twitch streamer continues to defend the platform despite real concerns about safety and copyright infringement.

On Kick, streamers have found ways to work around copyright laws and stream-protected content. Some of these attempts have led to bans, but just in a handful of cases.

The biggest concern is the safety of minors on the platform. On the same stream that caused Heelmike’s banning, he reads a chat message where a viewer admits to being 12 and to be masturbating to his stream. Heelmike celebrated the message by saying “Let’s go, you’re a man.”

Heelmike’s infringement is not the exception but the rule. A significant number of content creators on Kick are performing sexual acts on stream, in not such explicit ways, and getting away with it.

At the moment, Kick is a lawless place that is becoming dangerous.


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