Kayle finally gets major nerfs in Wild Rift update 2.6

By Nicholas James


Dec 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Wild Rift’s latest update is here with 2.6 and players who are getting tired of being shredded apart by a late-game Kayle can rest easy. The patch brings a slew of buffs and nerfs but the most notable nerfs are to Demacia’s Aspect of Justice.

Kayle nerfs roll back her Ascension

Kayle is one of the latest additions to Wild Rift, joining her sister Morgana as the latest members of the roster in the Path of Justice event last month. Kayle’s Wild Rift incarnation is identical to her League of Legends counterpart in all the major ways. She’s a transforming hyper-carry that becomes more and more terrifying as she levels up.

Kayle’s downside in League of Legends is that she is incredibly weak during the early portions of the game and has to wait at least twenty minutes before even beginning to be truly effective. In Wild Rift, Kayle players can get online much faster and her stats haven’t helped hold her back.

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Riot is going all-in on the nerfs, reducing Kayle’s base attack damage by a whole six, her attack speed per level by 50, and a small amount of armor per level. These changes will stack up quickly as Kayle loses out on significant damage in the laning phase, allowing her opponents to more easily punish her weak opening levels.

Riot also saw fit to nerf her ultimate’s damage, preventing her from turning fights as easily once she has access to the invulnerability button.

Wild Rift 2.6 foreshadows lots of events

2.6 seems to be packed with events, from the current Crystal Rose Festival event to the upcoming New Year’s Fluft, Project, and Project Boost events happening throughout December and early January. The full patch notes are available on the Wild Rift website including buffs to Amumu, nerfs to Akshan, and more.

The New Year’s Fluft event begins on December 25, Project on December 29, and Project Boost on January 5.


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