Wild Rift Patch 2.6 adds Kayle, Morgana, URF, and more

Nicholas James • November 30, 15:14

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.6 is coming soon, and there’s a deluge of new champions and changes for fans to take in.

Two new champions are getting added, with sisters Kayle and Morgana taking to the rift alongside the reworked Doctor Mundo. New items join the shop, more bans are being added to ranked play, and new rewards are being offered up.

Patch 2.6 looks to be bringing yet another batch of new content to Wild Rift to keep things new and exciting for players of every skill level. Riot Games revealed its plans in a video:

When do Kayle and Morgana come to Wild Rift?

Kayle and Morgana will arrive in LoL: Wild Rift on December 2.

Kayle and Morgana, twin Aspects, are the next two champions coming to Wild Rift. Kayle is a hard scaling AP carry in the Baron lane, while Morgana can function as a mid laner or as a support in the Dragon lane. Players will get the chance to side with each of the sisters and unlock one of their choosing. Their stories will be explored throughout the event, giving Targon the spotlight in the mobile adaptation for this patch.

Doctor Mundo’s visual and gameplay update will also be added to the game on patch 2.6, taking the old version of Zaun’s resident mad “doctor” out of all League of Legends properties. The new version will function the same as his League of Legends equivalent, so check out some tips on how to play this new version of Mundo.

URF is coming to Wild Rift alongside new items

One of the most exciting new features arriving in Wild Rift patch 2.6 is the popular rotating game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire. URF will be making its way to Wild Rift as a part of the patch, and fans can expect the same utterly ridiculous gameplay that they have come to know and love in classic League of Legends.

Two items that are especially useful in URF will be hitting the live servers too, with Banshee’s Veil and Edge of Night giving upfront immunity to mages and assassins, respectively.

There’s also ranked changes to add more bans, upcoming punishment for trolling and disruptive behavior, and a ton of skins. There’s also the introduction of Ranked Coins, which will allow players to unlock cosmetics depending on rank at the end of the season. Glorious Orianna is the first of these skins to be previewed.


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