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“Don’t play with me”: Kanye West DMs Kai Cenat after stream

By Olivia Richman


Mar 17, 2024

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Kai Cenat is one of the most popular streamers of the moment, known for his wild antics and collaborations with large influencers. Apparently, not every celebrity is a fan of Kai Cenat, however. Kanye West is apparently in a fight with the streamer right now.

Kanye West has had beef with basically every celebrity and group of people you can think of, so it probably comes as no surprise that he is not a fan of Kai Cenat. But still, why Kai Cenat? Apparently, the opinionated content creator publicly stated that he didn’t like Kanye West’s clothing, and the latter didn’t like the honesty.

Why is Kanye West mad at Kai Cenat?

During a livestream, Kai Cenat tried on some clothes from Kanye West’s clothing brand, at one point joking that the pants he got were big enough to fit influencer Fanum.

At first, Kanye sent some disses through DM, telling Kai Cenat that he purposefully didn’t play his verse of “Vulture” and avoided talking about “what Adidas is doing” after Kanye’s antisemitic controversy.

In response, Kanye’s manager called Kai Cenat to tell him that they needed to find a “peaceful resolution” and end the conflict right there because Kanye was “mad at him.” He added that they should “respect one another.” In response, Kai Cenat put on a Jamaican accent and kept joking that the pants didn’t fit.

“Whatever he wanna do, we can resolve it. I don’t care. I had no disrespect. What we was going back and forth for was a little crazy,” Kai Cenat said.

It seems like the drama is over for now. Knowing Kai Cenat, however, it’s very likely that he will get himself into more trouble in the near future. This could be further drama with Kanye West or even an entirely new situation.


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