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Adin Ross and Kai Cenat accused of transphobia once again

By Olivia Richman


Nov 7, 2022

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Twitch streamers Adin Ross and Kai Cenat are being accused of transphobic behavior after a recent clip of the two influencers questioning a woman’s gender went viral.

During a stream over the weekend, Ross and Cenat decided to go live with two women from Discord for an e-date stream. But as the stream went on, Ross and Cenat continued to question the identity of one of the women due to her voice and height.

After the two women left the stream, Ross kept insisting that “he” be added back, appearing to purposefully misgender one of the women to prove his point. While some on Reddit pointed out that the woman wasn’t trans, the transphobic and harmful remarks still had the streaming community fuming.

While the clip was removed from Twitch, copies of it can still be seen online.

Adin Ross and Kai Cenat accused of being homophobic and transphobic

As the clip continued to spread on Reddit and beyond, many pointed out that this is not new behavior for either streamer. Ross has been suspended from Twitch over previous uses of homophobic slurs, which goes against the streaming platform’s Terms of Service.

Cenat has also been accused of being homophobic, with even fans of his channel pointing out how often he gets offended by people making gay comments. He has also made some “questionable remarks” surrounding gay people.

The “W community,” which consists of loud Just Chatting streamers, has been labeled as homophobic and problematic by many in the streaming world over the past few years.

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While Ross and Cenat are at the center of the controversy, others have pointed out that their viewers are also problematic. Many in the chat seemed entertained by Ross purposefully switching from “she” to “he” to talk about the tall woman on his stream. In the past, his streamers have also referred to trans women as “he” in comments when Ross brought them into his streams to get reactions.