Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat reacts to QTCinderella’s joke at the Streamer Awards

By Olivia Richman


Mar 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Kai Cenat has continued to deny that he had a sexual act performed on him during his record-breaking subathon, this time responding to a reference that was made to the controversial moment during the Streamer Awards.

QTCinderella recently hosted the Streamer Awards, a celebration of the biggest names in the industry. While it was largely a positive event, Kai Cenat did recently respond to something QTCinderella said during the livestream. One of her scripted jokes had QT saying that she hasn’t seen this many millionaires “getting j—ed off” since Kai Cenat’s subathon.

In a recent stream, Kai Cenat boisterously reacted to the joke.

“She made a little joke about me in the beginning. She said she hadn’t seen this many millionaires get j—ed off since Kai’s subathon. I’ll let you know, that b—tch was rubbing my knee,” he said, getting louder. “My knees!”

Despite his adamant screaming that he was innocent, viewers in the chat kept spamming “cap,” basically telling him that they didn’t believe him at all.

What happened during Kai Cenat’s subathon?

Kai Cenat recently had a wild subathon throughout February, making him the most-subbed streamer of all time. The subathon was a huge success, but there were a few questionable moments that had viewers wondering why he wasn’t getting banned.

One of those moments happened while Cenat was streaming from a restaurant-like location. While chatting with friends, it looked like a woman sitting next to Cenat was touching his junk. Viewers grew even more stunned when they saw her arm moving up and down.

The girl in the stream has since gone on Twitter and all but admitted that she was touching Kai Cenat inappropriately. But Kai Cenat has continued to deny that she was touching him despite people seeing part of the intimate moment on a reflective surface. Cenat has deleted the clip from Twitch, attempting to avoid any punishment for the questionable moment.