Street Fighter 6 protest

Street Fighter 6 tournament bombarded with a protest

By Olivia Richman


Nov 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Just a month after a Tekken tournament was interrupted by paint-wielding protesters, Just Stop Oil is back. This time, the radical environmental protesters targeted the Street Fighter 6 CPT Paris finals.

Gamers were already up in arms the last time Just Stop Oil tried to make a statement by disrupting a Tekken tournament, claiming they were bothering the wrong people. But it seems as though Just Stop Oil was fueled by the backlash and has decided to make another stand against big corporations at a Street Fighter 6 tournament.

Just Stop Oil vandalize Street Fighter tournament

Just Stop Oil jumped onto the tournament stage mid-day, disrupting the finals for a solid 10 minutes. Chris Wong and Saul “MenaRD” Leonardo were mid-battle when the radicals took to the stage and started throwing paint on the main screen, similar to what they did previously.

The protesters then put their hands in front of MenaRD so he could no longer see his screen properly. This forced a pause as the person was dragged off the stage by security.

“I don’t know why they’re attacking FGC events,” commentator Femi “F-Word” Adeboye said. “Like seriously, I mean really. Is that your target? We’re, like, trying to grow. Like chill out, man. Anyway, it is what it is.”

F-Word then told viewers that the screen was being replaced. The players had to wait but the finals started up again soon after.

A lot of people in the FGC argued that Just Stop Oil aren’t even “protesters” and are instead “vandals.” Some people also said they were going to “buy more oil” to go against their mission.

Some fighting game fans also added that the tournaments should have better security. But it’s unclear how the protesters came in or if they they even purchased tickets and were hiding their intentions well.

Despite the interruption, Chris Wong managed to beat MenaRD in the grand final. He is now qualified for Capcom Cup X, which will take place in Los Angeles in February of 2024.