JiDion was arrested in Paris, here’s what happened to him

Olivia Richman • August 12, 2022 4:01 pm

YouTuber JiDion “JiDion” Adam was at the center of some enormous controversies in January after leading hate raids against popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys. He was eventually permanently banned from Twitch for this, but he is once again in hot water, this time in real life.

Since his ban, JiDion has been traveling the world, most recently around Europe. After attending TwitchCon, JiDion headed for Paris, France but apparently things didn’t go as planned for the controversial content creator. JiDion has revealed that he was actually arrested by Parisian police.

JiDion arrested while visiting France

On August 11, JiDion tweeted that he “just spent the night in a Paris jail,” promising to create some “banger” content from the experience. He seemed quite flippant about the situation but fans were still concerned.

In a follow-up tweet, JiDion said: “Guess who went to jail that night.”

The tweet included a photo of police with bulletproof vests standing in a circle. But again, JiDion didn’t seem too concerned.

Why was JiDion arrested?

JiDion did not reveal exactly what led to the supposed arrest. So far it’s a mystery but he states he only spent the night in jail.

JiDion has actually been arrested before. In 2021 he was arrested during a livestream on Instagram. JiDion said that police were trying to get him for an “arson charge” due to him lighting a candle in an iHOP bathroom.

Arson charges can be serious, but JiDion was back to tweeting to his followers soon after. Expect more details on his trouble in Paris to surface over the coming days.


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