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Jatt brings back the JLXP podcast for LCS’ week one

by | Feb 8, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Joshua “Jatt” Leesman is bringing back the JLXP podcast for the LCS’ first week of play.

Jatt’s absence from the LCS broadcast and entertainment space has been marked by fans during his recent time coaching Team Liquid’s LCS roster. His personal content creation venture in the JLXP podcast has made its return with the LCS beginning its spring split.

JLXP podcast returns for LCS

Jatt is easily one of the most well-recognized and well-respected personalities on the LCS broadcast.

Beginning his involvement with the game as a professional jungler for Dignitas, Jatt’s involvement in League of Legends has evolved throughout the years. He worked as a playtester before pivoting to the LCS broadcast, making his name as a well-spoken and knowledgable source for fans of all kinds.

Jatt’s podcast, the Joshua Leesman Experience, was widely praised as a great way for involved fans to get a little extra LCS content in a week. Previously it had covered everything from commentary and prediction to full watch-throughs of previous finals.

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After taking time away from the broadcast to become a member of Riot Games’ Live Balance Team, Jatt got the chance to test out his dream of actively balancing the game. From there he would return to the LCS broadcast before becoming a member of Team Liquid’s coaching staff.

Jatt would abandon this role in late 2021 before once more finding his way back onto the Riot Games broadcast.

Most episodes of Jatt’s podcast clock in at under twenty minutes and are packed with Jatt’s musings on the current state of the LCS. The big takeaways from this week of play were C9’s new playstyle, picking Ivern and Soraka mid, and the appearance of Smite Janna top lane.

Fans can look forwards to more regular content throughout the split as Jatt hits his stride of putting out the JLXP podcast regularly.

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