Who is casting for the LCS in 2022?

Nicholas James • January 15, 2022 2:04 pm

North America’s LCS broadcast has announced its lineup of talent to answer the question of who is casting for the LCS in 2022.

North America’s franchised league for professional League of Legends play returned on January 14 with the LCS Lock In tournament. With the return of the broadcast came full confirmation of the lineup of casters, hosts, analysts and interviewers that fans would be seeing on the LCS broadcast.

List of LCS casters in 2022

The full list of talent taking part in the broadcast was released on Twitter ahead of the LCS’ first day of broadcast. The broadcast consists of faces that fans will recognize from previous seasons. Some familiar faces from 2021 have departed the broadcast, but some legacy favorites have returned. Overall it looks to be an exciting split for the LCS when it comes to its broadcast talent.

Why is Jatt back on LCS?

The most notable change is the return of caster and analyst Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, who left his position as Team Liquid’s head coach in 2021 following in-game struggles for the four-time champion organization. It was unclear during the offseason what Jatt’s plans might be for 2022.

Jatt has decided to return to the pro play broadcast for the LCS, but will only be participating on a contract basis and won’t be present for every day of the LCS broadcast throughout 2022. Jatt is a fan favorite among the casters, being one of the original crew after beginning his career as a professional jungler with Dignitas.

Other changes include Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman only occupying the analyst desk once a week on average, and the departure of Kaizen “Kaizen” Asiedu from the broadcast entirely. MarkZ will continue to participate in the broadcast and aims to return to full-time eventually, as he said in a video addressing his changing involvement with LCS at the beginning of 2022.


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