Jankos celebrates his 500th game in the LEC

By Nicholas James


Feb 9, 2022

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Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is a veteran of the LEC, and his victory this weekend marked his 500th LEC game.

Jankos’ career is the longest career in the LEC today, topping other founding figures like Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. Jankos continues to be one of the best players in his role while outlasting many of his peers.

Jankos’ 500-game milestone

The road to Jankos’ 500th game began with his run on Roccat in the EU LCS’ spring split of 2014, Jankos quickly made a name for himself as an aggressive and individually talented jungler able to catalyze action on Summoner’s Rift and find leads for his team.

This reputation continued through 2015, where Jankos continued his tenure on Roccat. After placing third in the EU LCS regional finals, Jankos left Roccat to join H2K. Jankos’ time on H2K was what elevated him into one of the best junglers in Eureope to many fans. At the 2016 World Championship, H2K strung together a miracle run that took them into the Worlds playoffs bracket.

Their quarterfinals were against surprise qualifier Albus Nox Luna from the LCL. H2K swept Albus Nox Luna aside to make it to the semifinals.

A less impressive year in 2017 saw Jankos pack up and move on to another team yet again, this time migrating to G2 Esports. This is where Jankos would begin to make a name for himself as the indisputable best jungler his region had to offer.

Jankos had yet another miracle Worlds run, this time alongside Luka “Perkz” Perkovic. The two went to the grand finals of Worlds 2018, but fell short against Invictus Gaming.

Jankos’ 500th game comes after 8 entire years of dedication and grind, a well-deserved milestone.


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