Jankos and Flakked are rumored to be leaving G2 for 2023 LEC

By Lee Jones


Oct 20, 2022

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Jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and bot laner Victor “Flakked” Lirola Tortosa may be leaving G2 Esports after a combined six years on the team.

Both Jankos and Flakked are rumored to be leaving G2 Esports and will be replaced heading into 2023. The pair are allowed to seek other opportunities as the organization looks to shake up the roster after crashing out at the World Championship group stage.

The news was broken by infamous roster leaker Brieuc Seeger, known better by his once-anonymous alias LEC Wooloo. He alleges that the players “have been allowed to explore their options as they will not be a part of G2 Esports roster next year.”

Both Jankos and Flakked replied to the tweet in jest, both sharing the same suspicious dog GIF as they each gave very little away as to whether the rumour is actually true or not.

Both players are currently under contract with the team beyond this November’s off season. Jankos contracted until 2023 while Flakked is tied down until 2024. This means that, unless G2 are willing to rip up those contracts, any side looking to sign either player will likely have to pay a buyout to G2.

This was also the case when the team shipped out most of its roster last season. Former owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez looked to earn the maximum buyout for each before ultimately lowering asking prices later in the off season.

With Rodriguez now out of the organisation, it remains to be seen which direction they will take to shift unwanted players this time around.

Jankes could leave G2 Esports after five years

Polish jungler Jankos looks set to leave the team an impressive five years after joining; an extremely long tenure within esports and one that has brought with it huge success.

Jankos G2 Esports

The former-H2k player claimed the LEC championship five times, putting him amongst the most trophy-laden players in Europe. He was also part of the side during their sensational 2019 season where the organisation became the first LEC team to claim an MSI title while also reaching the World Championship final later that year.


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