Carlos Rodriguez suspended from LEC by Riot Games

By Nicholas James


Oct 11, 2022

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Riot Games has suspended Carlos Rodriguez, previous CEO of G2 Esports, following his association with controversial online figure Andrew Tate and subsequent community backlash.

In September, Rodriguez posted a video of himself partying with a group of people that included former kickboxer, Andrew Tate. Tate had already been banned from most major social media platforms for consistently misogynistic views and calls to action.

After being suspended by G2, and promptly resigning as CEO, Rodriguez has now been suspended from any managerial or organizational positions until November 13, 2022.

Carlos Rodriguez suspended from LoL involvement

Riot Games published an official competitive ruling on the former G2 CEO’s behavior on October 11. In the ruling, the League of Legends developer clearly states that Carlos’ association with, and defense of, Andrew Tate and his misogyny was behavior that actively risked harm to the reputation and image of both the league and Riot Games at large.

The developer has suspended Rodriguez from participating in any team management or organization roles until at least November. He must also present proof of completion for sensitivity and executive training from an independent third party.

Rodriguez had been independently suspended by G2 Esports and subsequently resigned from his position as CEO. This is factored into Riot Games’ decision, the developer decided to consider Rodriguez’s suspension that began on September 18 as effectively time served. The backlash to his defense of the post involving Tate in the sports community was severe and resulted in his suspension by G2.

Shortly afterward, G2 was denied a Valorant franchising spot that had seemed guaranteed previously. It was reported that Riot Games had convened an emergency meeting after Rodriguez’s behavior and had decided to rescind any offering of Valorant franchising for G2.

Between the public controversy and the enormous financial opportunity for G2 being lost by Rodriguez, his subsequent resignation as CEO felt inevitable. Now Riot Games has stepped in to ensure that resignation stays in effect until at least after the world championship.

Rodriguez’s return to the LEC is contingent on sufficient evidence of sensitivity and executive training, but the suspension is short enough that his return before the end of 2022 is very possible. Whether or not Rodriguez and G2 can regain the lost goodwill and reputation remains to be seen.


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