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SSSniperwolf apologizes to JacksFilms for doxxing incident

By Olivia Richman


Oct 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Alia “SSSniperwolf” Shelesh has finally apologized to John “JacksFilms” Douglass after getting temporarily demonetized on YouTube.

Earlier this month, SSSniperwolf became the subject of mass controversy after she shared a photo of JacksFilms house on her Instagram Story. In the since-deleted Story, SSSniperwolf claimed she wanted to just “talk” to JacksFilms, who had been making YouTube videos criticizing her reaction content for being lazy and stolen.

Big names in the space started calling out SSSniperwolf for doxxing JacksFilms, including Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White and Asmongold. On October 17, 2023, JacksFIlms and other YouTubers had called on the video platform to punish her for doing something so dangerous and illegal to a fellow content creator.

Now, YouTube has finally responded.

YouTube temporarily demonetizes SSSniperWolf

YouTube announced on October 20 that SSSniperWolf’s channel had been temporarily demonetized.

Said YouTube: “Confirming SSSniperWolf has received a temporary monetization suspension per Creator Responsibility policies. Off platform actions that put others’ personal safety at risk harm our community and the behavior on both sides isn’t what we want on YT. Hoping everyone helps move this convo to a better place.”

The comment from YouTube was met with harsh feedback from the content creator community. Jacksepticeye questioned why YouTube was condemning JacksFilms at all, questioning how comedy was being compared to doxxing.

Added YouTuber Saberspark: “The punishment doesn’t match the literal crime. Stop playing favorites and being deliberately cryptic.”

SSSniperWolf apologizes to JacksFilms

After finally facing slap on the wrist from YouTube, SSSniperwolf finally decided to apologize to JacksFilms. The timing had many skeptical if she truly meant what she said or was just avoiding more punishment.

“Let me start by saying I’m sorry for my recent actions; it is inexcusable. I’m sorry to Jacksfilm, YouTube, the entire creator community, and my incredible fans for not being a better example for appropriate conflict resolution,” she wrote.

She then said she was sorry for “reacting the way I did” instead of resolving conflict by “communicating directly, respectfully, and privately.” SSSniperwolf added that she would reach out to him to see if they can talk.

“I’d also like to thank YouTube for holding me accountable. I deserve it, respect the decision and appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow from a true lapse in judgement,” she tweeted.

Many accused SSSniperwolf of hiring a PR team or AI to write her apology while others simply felt she was pressured to make a statement by YouTube.